DAC/Amp stack or DAC upgrade

Hello, I currently have a Mono Liquid Gold with a DT1990 but no DAC. I have been looking for a amp/dac that would pair nicely with my Swan MKIII’s via pre amp and if I would even notice a difference. The Liquid Gold doesn’t have output for pre-amp, so I was thinking it may be better to purchase a A90/D90 combo for both my 1990s and MKIIIs. I have a pair of GL2000’s that have been ordered and I am looking to best pair these 3.

Would I be better off not using my MKIII via pre-amp and just buying a DAC for the MKlll? and if so are there any recommendations?

Any recommendations for DAC/Amp pairings like A90/D90 for the same prince range? ($1k-$1.5k) I really like the idea of having balance output for speakers.

the Liquid Gold has a built in DAC, Hades…or at least, that’s what Monoprice website listing says.

Apologies, I know its has a internal dac, what I should have asked was if buying a dac just for the MKIIIs be a smarter choice then replacing my LG with a amp/dac for use with both my speakers and headphones?

the LG is a good platform…so only reasons to replace it is if they can’t drive the headphones you have, tired of the sound or the bug to try something new has bitten.

I really do like the LG, just wish they could act as a pre-amp to my speakers or if it is even worth pairing my mklll to a pre-amp?

what is the MKIII?

I set of active speakers by Swan.

gotcha. well, you could do something simple / inexpensive and grab a combo unit with pre-outs like the Zen DAC.

I feel like I would be taking a step down from the liquid gold, hence why I was thinking of upgrading to a Stack like the A90/D90.

Would I gain much from using a Zen Dac as a pre-amp to my active speakers?