DAC\AMP update for dt1990

Hi all.
I currently have Beyerdynamic DT 1990 headphones which I have owned for about a year. They work with the Sound Blasterx G6 sound card. The equipment is used exclusively for competitive FPS.

Unfortunately for me, the transition from iem to DT 1990 paired with SBX G6 did not give positive results, but on the contrary, I lost very important information in games. If earlier I heard opponents at a certain distance, now some of the information feels lost (compared A\B). Or, as I think, due to the large stage of the headphones, it is simply too quiet to play. I had to return after a while to iem.

I want to replace my sound card with a dac+amp.
At the moment I am considering a stack of topping E30+L30, there is an offer for good money.
The question is, will this stack be a good upgrade over the SBX G6 for the DT1990? Or would you recommend some other alternative? And in general, will another dac\amp fix the problem described above?
I’m on the verge of purchasing new iems instead of the current ones, since the DT1990 was a disappointment.

Do you specifically want separate units, or are AIO solutions okay?

Any option if it solves the described problem. Otherwise, I’ll just update my iem.

If you are big on IEMs your money might be better spent there, but if you are interested in giving those headphones another shot then this unit is fairly good for the Money.
The wait time is a little long right now though. Also, make sure to add the DAC module in the options. It comes out to $189 with the module included. The only downside is that it is USB input only.

Edit: staging of IEMs vs Headphones will never be 100% the same. Also, take all my suggestions with a heavy grain of salt, as everyone hears differently. Those headphones will always have some shortcomings due to how they are tuned.

Schiit products are quite difficult for me to get. It is very rare that offers appear on the secondary market of this brand.
Can this dac\amp solve the problem I described?

FX Audio DR07. $169 on Amazon. AKM chip set. Plenty of power for your 250ohm headphones plus a remote for volume control.

I have the DT1990 also and on the Topping L30 II/E30 II stack you’ll be impressed with them. They need more than a G6 can provide, which gets it’s power from USB 2.0. The SMSL C200 is also really good or Topping EX5. I’ve used them on all of those and never disappointed.

Ou. Thanks for answers.
Does a new DAC/amplifier solve the problem described above?
Or will it only increase the sound quality without affecting the sound reproduction in the space? In particular, audibility at a distance.