DAC/AMP with mic/line-in powering Beyerdynamics

I’m looking for a DAC/AMP solution that can get the most out of rather high-end headphones and “headsets” but also has a goot feature set. I’ve looked at a few solutions so far and but obviously none has it “all” so I’d be interested in your comments on these options (or alternatives I may have overlooked but satisfy the following)…

I have:

  • A Beyerdynamics MMX 300 (2nd gen) for VoiP/voice/streaming
  • A Beyerdynamics DT 1990 Pro (250 ohm) for more competitive multiplayer gaming, media consumption etc.

I want:

  • A DAC/AMP combo that can get the most out of my DT 1990 Pro (250 ohm) properly
  • A mic-in for the MMX300 or separate mic (nothing too fancy)
  • An optical in (usb/toslink) and analog in (RCA or 1/8 inch aka 3.5mm stereo)
  • it to be completely driverless

I would like/Nice-to-have:

  • USB Powered (no extra power cable required but optional)
  • A line-in mixing in audio from another system
  • 1/4" Stereo plug
  • RCA out for speakers

Devices I’ve considered thus far:

My current favorite is the Arc MK2 for the line-in mixing into the “normal” digital input but I’m not sure how its audio quality stacks up against the other DAC/AMPs even though it is the most expensive of the bunch. It sadly has no 1/4" but a 4 pol which I could plug my “headset” into
From what I’ve heard people usually recommend the K5 Pro for headphones up to the DT 1990 Pro which has an excellent value for the price but has no mic-in or features like the Arc MK2.
The Shiit Hel on the other hand does have a mic-in and even mic volume adjustment, is in the higher price category and from what I’ve heard delivers high-quality audio for both listening and mic. It has the 1/4" inch stereo for headphones but requires 2 usb cables for powering and has no RCA jacks at all.

To accomplish my nice-to-have for mixing audio from 2 sources I considered RCA spliters which would work with the K5 Pro but would require me to lose the DAC functionality and rely on onboard/sound card DACs.

Specs & Features compared (favorite ones bolded):

Arc Mk2 Shiit Hel K5PRO
Price $270 $189 $170
Mic? Yes Yes No
1/8" No Yes Yes
Mixing Yes No No
SNR 115 dB >108db >115 dB
Crosstalk -65 dB -80 dB -75 dB
Output (32Ω) 1W 1W 1.5W
Output Imp. 0.096 Ω 0.25 Ω 1.2 Ω

I’d be thankful for anything else worth considering I may have missed or opinions.

There probably ain’t a single usb-device that would work without?
Usually they are on the device so “no installation” is needed but the a driver most surely is.

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Well, I meant no special sound driver like the Creative devices usually need. Reason is to be cross-platform compatible (i.e. Linux, possible Android, etc.)
Of-Course there’s always some generic usb/audio driver at play but it would have to be built into the OS, not required to be downloaded form the manufacturers site, etc.

Hi, bit late reaction but I just joined the forum :slight_smile:
I’m currently looking for something similar as you, including the Beyerdynamic MMX 300.
Set-up will be used in my home office for conference calls, music listening and little bit of gaming.
Did you already made a choice and if so, what are your experiences?

Bumping this!

I ended up buying a Motu M2 audio interface which suits my needs perfectly.
It can drive the MMX, as wel as a pair of Adam Audio T5V’s.

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