Dac and amp suggestion


My old trusty Fiio E18 dac/amp died. So, I’m looking for a new device\devices, will be used on a table.

Currently I use Beyerdynamics DT770 PRO 80 ohm and Beyerdynamics Tygr 300R, in the future I’m planning to get planar magnetic headphone, no choice is made.

I’m living in Europe, so choices might not be available without some additional work and I set around 300 eur budget for the devices.

Currently on my list which I can easily get in Europe are Toppings L30+E30 (like the design and reviews that I saw are good), JDSLabs Atom Dac + Atom Amp (good reviews) and Aune X1S Pro (like the design, weakest of all, ). In Europe there is a big issue with Schiit stuff delivery, as an option I’m looking at Modi and Magni Heresy. For them I would probably use a transhipper.

Every suggestion is appreciated.

E30 + L30 is nice, personally I prefer the atom stack a bit more but if you are going to be considering planars the l30 would have a bit more juice to give them. Which stack is cheaper for you there just wondering?

They cost almost the same (within 10 euros)

Gotcha. So with the current headphones you have, I might prefer the atom stack because imo it’s a bit more resolving than the topping stack but also is a bit more forward than the smoother topping stack, I would say I prefer the tygr with the atom over the l30, but what planar are you thinking about?

To say the truth, I didn’t give it much thought. Plans for planars are 6-12 months in the future, family first :slight_smile:

Ah gotcha, well either stack would be pretty great, I’m inclined to lean toward the atom stack but the topping stack would not be a bad choice either (especially if you need a remote). Both are fairly neutral sounding with the atom being a tad more detailed and dynamic, where the topping is a tad smoother but other than that both are solid picks