DAC for 789 with Turntable

So I’ve got a THX AAA 789 on the way at the end of August, and like so many others, I need a DAC to pair with it.

Currently I’m making do with a Topping MX3 feeding my HD650 headphones. One thing I very much enjoy is running my ProJect turntable into a preamp and into the MX3’s RCA input. It works wonderfully! I also have a Chromecast audio going into the optical and my computer feeding in through USB.

The optical and USB inputs are ubiquitous in DACs, but how can I also feed my turntable into the 789? I’m brand new to this, so please let me know if I’m missing something obvious.


Connect your turntable to the RCA inputs the same way you connect them to the MX3. And get any DAC, with a cable from RCA to XLR and that way you will have the turntable in one input and the DAC in the other.

I am a little unclear on what you’re asking. the 789 has both XLR and RCA inputs. You can run a turntable through a preamp and into the 789’s RCA inputs as you would with the MX3. Is that what you mean?

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Great! I was curious if feeding the 789 with XLR from the DAC and running the turntable into the SE Input would work–I’m new to the whole balanced thing. So it is that easy, I guess.

Can the SE Pass then run into an analog input on powered speakers when I want to use those instead of headphones?

The SE RCA Pass through is connected directly to the RCA inputs. You won’t get signal from the XLR input and it doesn’t have volume control.

Right now MASSDROP X GRACE DESIGN STANDARD DAC BALANCED is available for pre you order. It’s there till August 20.