DAC for PC to Bookshelf Speakers + Subwoofer


I recently changed my desktop audio setup (details below) and now I have a noticeable delay using the MoBo 3.5mm out. I’m running the 3.5mm MoBo out into an RCA converter and splitter to send to the sub and speakers. Looking for something under $100, but budget isn’t a high priority.

Is it best to get a DAC that has dedicated speaker and sub outs? Is it okay to run with an RCA splitter like I have now? I have no idea what I’m doing.

Old Hardware
GoXLR - 1 mic in, headphone out, speakers out
Creative Pebble 2.0

New Hardware
Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD - 2 mics in, headphone out; I don’t want to use this for speakers
Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers
Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer

tl;dr - need a DAC to send from PC to powered speakers and powered sub for around $100


you can use an rca splitter just fine. having a separate sub channel just increases gain by a few db. using a splitter is fine.

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Do you have any DAC recommendations for USB to RCA?

what kinda sound you going for? you have a few option for 100$ and below.

I’m looking for a neutral or warm sound. Honestly just something reliable that I don’t have to touch once I set it up would be great.

jds labs atom dac or schiit modi 3e.


+1 JDS Labs Atom DAC at that price point


Ended up picking up the Modi 3E cause Amazon had them in stock. And got it today. Sooooo much better than the stock motherboard sound! Thanks joshua_g!


You’re welcome! Glad it’s working out for you.