Dac for Sendy Aiva w/Loxjie P20?

Looking for that perfect Dac with the Aivas and the P20. Also, would I need a pre-amp with this setup? My budget is no more than $250-300.

I used a Soncoz LA-QXD1 with the P20. If sounded good. It’s a pretty neutral DAC to my ear, pairs well with warmer sounding amps. I don’t have much to compare it to, so I can’t give much of an overall review. But it may fit nicely in your use case.

The XLR output can be used for the P20, and the RCA output could be used as a pre-out for powered monitors. Both outputs are active at the same time. And the volume controls both outputs concurrently. It has good resolution on the volume selection. It doesn’t have a good volume indicator, so you have to be careful to not leave it up too loud.

I’m sure their are many other options, but this one worked for me.

Now that I’ve given an answer, maybe I should ask more questions :joy:

Why do you need a pre-amp? Do you have powered monitors you want to run this with?

What overall sound are you looking for? What kind of music do you like? Are you looking to run the P20 single ended or balanced?

I thought I might need a pre Amp for the simple fact I knew pre amps existed yet have no real knowledge of how and when they need to be used xD.

As for sound, I’m looking for something that will give me a relatively clear and accurate representation of what is coming from the sound source. I make and mix music (and of yes of course obviously the sendys are the best tool for that job xD) so the more balanced the better.

Idk if it matters, but I’ll end up using an eq to give a sizable bass boost. When I’m making said music I cross reference my mixes with different headphones and consistently find my sub bass 5-6db higher than it needs to be xD

Any opinion on balanced vs single ended? I always ran mind balanced.

To me the Soncoz sounded pretty neutral on the P20. Some other options in your price range are the Schiit Modius and Geshelli JNOG2 for balanced. Many others single-ended

I don’t quite know the difference… xD What would be your recommendation?

Are your Sendys wired balanced?

Most reviews I’ve seen on the P20 recommend running balanced in balanced out. That’s what I did and enjoyed it. With good balanced DAC options in your price range, I would probably go that way.

I think Sendy is balanced in stock form. It should come with a 4.4mm cable

I just looked it up and it seems mochi is right. With that, it seems what I should look for is any DAC with a balance in? Or is there more that I should look out for that will lend itself favorably to this particular Amp and headphone? I apologize for my complete lack of knowledge on such things. It’s all far above my head xD

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Got it. So just to make sure I’m not misunderstanding your setup, here’s a diagram of what I’m assuming you are trying to do:

Is this correct?

Given this, the question you are asking is what DAC would be recommended? In my picture I’m showing the Soncoz, but any balanced DAC will work.

In my book the top 3 contenders for entry level balanced DAC <$250:

  1. Schiit Modius
  2. Geshelli JNOG2
  3. Soncoz LA-QXD1

The Modius is well reviewed, but 6-8 week lead time, so unless you can wait 2 months this may not be a good option.

Geshelli JNOG2 is new, but very well reviewed. If I was buying today, I would probably pick this one. I personally like Geshelli products.

Soncoz LA-QXD1 is the DAC I own today. It sounds clean and neutral, well reviewed on line. Considered very good “bang-for-your-buck”. I’ve used it with the P20 and it sounded natural and clear.

I can vouch for the sound quality of the Soncoz, so maybe that’s my recommendation. But if you want to try somethign new, the Geshelli JNOG2 looks really good.

Does this help?

Yes! And you also just saved me the headache of trying to put all the shit together! This has been immensely helpful. Thank you!

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Happy to help, good luck!