DAC iFi Nano iDSD BL

What are you guys thougths regarding pairing the Nano with a HD 660S ?
Am i gonna be able to drive them to their full extent ?

Let’s see…

The direct out at 3 o’clock is loud still has a tad of headroom too, so yes imo.

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Hahaha i see, so you’r one satisfied costumer of the Nano.
And another question, you tested with and without the Nano, what did you notice besides the sound boost ?
More bass ? Better sound stage ? A bit more clear sound ?

And finaly regarding drivers, do the DAC drivers “overlap” the Sennheiser 660S drivers in windows ?

Yes I am but I now mostly use my Micro…Both the Nano and Micro go well with 660’s imo. I also used to use the Nano with it’s out connected to a Little Dot MK2 tube amp which became my fav for the 660’s.

Sorry I can’t help with Windows driver stuff as I use a MacBook pro

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Thanks for the insight @Ohmboy