Dac latency for video editing and light gaming

This kind of a dumb question but I was wondering if there was a way to check the latency for certain dacs for gaming and video playback? Like is this stuff listed on the product website?

It would depend on your system and how you configure things. At different sample rates and bit depths latency will change, and also the buffer size will change things as well. Your drivers on the system and other tasks can impact latency as well. Most of the time it’s going to be negligible unless you set something to where it raises latency to a significant amount. You can download latenymon to do a simple check on latency but it really doesn’t matter too much unless it becomes a problem

Yeah I’m just thinking about audio edits on the editing PC I’m planning. My chord hugo tt2 has an acceptable latency for video playback of like… blurays. but I’m not sure if it’s good enough for video editing

If you wanted to make sure you have lower latency, set it to 24 bit 44.1 khz to start off with. Assuming you are using asio for audio, then start experimenting with your buffer size and lower that until you start to get cut outs or stutters

The issue with latency is it’s going to be everywhere in the chain.

Assuming the software doing the playback is correctly synchronizing audio and video, then you’ve got the driver, the USB stack, whatever is receiving USB on the DAC.

It’ll be worse with USB vs spdif, unless the DAC is reclocking the SPDIF signal.

But my best guess would be unless you have big buffers set in the playback software, you’d be looking at <10ms. That assumes USB 2.0 or better, where USB latencies should be low single digit ms.

The video latency is likely worse than that.

There’s just too many variables to really give a generalized number without doing tests on the exact system as you say. You could use either USB or spdif but it would depend on the dac which would have less latency

I’m thinking about getting a teac or tascam for professional work
Possibly an rme dac

The rme would be nice, I would personally invest in a good digital interface for studio work

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If you really need to get exact sync, you’ll probably have to measure the video latency, which is easier said than done end to end. And probably DELAY the audio to match it.

Depending on how video rendering is being done you could have 3 or more frames of latency between the call to present the frame and it actually being displayed, then you have to add and display latency.

As this wouldn’t require me recording audio I dont know if I need the full adi2 pro fs. I do have my native instruments komplete 2 interface for recording

Sonarworks calculates it (to a degree). If I recall correctly I was in the 80-100 millisecond range?

I’m old (for a gamer at least) so my reactions aren’t teenage fast. I felt fine with that level of latency.

The tt2 is I think 50-60ms

Here we go, we’re both under the human reaction timet to auditory stimulus.


And another good one. Though this one is about visual reactino times. Still.

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Wait what. This is concerning processing latency between video playback and audio of a dac for proper synching and timing during a video editing session

When synching audio and video. If you dont have pre aligned timecodes during capture you synch by matching the slate strike to the spike in the waveform. If the whole thing is visually aligned but latency of the dac is excessive it can throw off the flow of the edit which is often based on dialogue and timing. It’s also especially hard if you are cutting animatics for animated shows which I work in currently as audio timing is absolutely key reference for the animators

The gaming thing is secondary ultimately but it’s just something I’m picky about

Edit: fixed thread title for accuracy.
Apologies folks

D’oh! My mistake.

I’m just focused on getting more frags!!

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