DAC solution to simultaneously output from both PS5 and PC

Currently my setup is PS5 → HDMI Audio Extractor → Topping E30 via optical cable and PC → Topping E30 via USB then Topping E30 → Edifier R1800Tiii. I was curious if there is an alternative to the Topping E30 which would output audio from both devices simultaneously. Instead, I switch output on the DAC depending on which device I’m using.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Ideally, the TV should be able to output optically and the Dac should have an optical input connection.
Then there should be no problems.

DAC’s don’t usually do two imput simultaniously… Does your HDMI extractor only do optical out?
If it does 3.5mm out you could use an AUX cable and line-in to your PC. Then the PC would output both it’s software audio as it’s line-in audio into USB… But that’s a fucking messy solution :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I dyslectic or does your solution have nothing to do with the actual question?

The Topping E30 supports both a digital optical and a coaxial input.
This means that if the TV has an output, you can connect it and simply enter “Digital” instead of “Analogue” in the TV settings under “Sounds”.

The TV sends the signal to the Topping, which then processes the signal and can only play it back in analogue.

That’s it.
The sound is just no longer digital, which is not a bad thing.
If it is to remain digital, it looks different again.
And it will also cost more.

But… This doesn’t solve the problem? At all…

But the Ps 5 no longer has a direct input signal, only via HDMI.
And the TV has a poor integrated audio circuit. But that’s enough to send the signal to the Dac, which then improves it.
As long as the TV has a coaxial or optical output, it doesn’t matter in the end.

The Hdmi extractors are all well and good but not necessarily great.
I would always take the signal directly from the TV to the Dac if possible. Don’t loop it through unnecessarily, then you’ll have fewer losses.

Apparently you can also use the usb port on the ps 5, which does not support all dacs.

Dude. Read the question. What you’re saying is 100% factually true… But doesn’t matter at all to the question.

He has PS5 into E30 via optical and PC into E30 via USB. he wants both sources to play simultaniously through the E30. That is the question… Please tell me how advising to buy a new TV with digital output helps with this???

The problem is the E30. That does not support what he want’s it to do.
Solution would be something that does. Like a mixer, as one option.
Or input the Extractor signal > PC. Then combine/mix the audio, Output USB → E30.
Probably something in same same price realm? Don’t know any low priced alternative.

Yeah that’s what I suggested. Line-in from the HDMI extractor into the PC, the PC to E30.

So, did you do what you wanted? If so, can you share your solution with me, please?

If it’s any use, I don’t have a PS5 but do have an apple TV.
My curent chain to get the audio out of it is:
Apple TV → HDMI → TV → SPIDF → DAC
So. My TV has (and many do I believe) SPIDF out. And I can just switch my DAC between USB and Optical mode to choose if I wanna hear my TV (Apple TV) or my PC :slight_smile:

I’m using JDS Labs Atom+ stack. So I have PS5 → Astro HDMI Adapter → Atom DAC via optical cable and PC → DAC via RCA cables. I can’t play audio simultaneously although there’s a input button on the DAC that allows me to switch between inputs. Then I have my AMP connected to the DAC for controlling audio levels as well as switching between speakers/headphones.

So, it’s impossible to get the sound of a PC and the other devices at the same time. :confused:

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Simultaniously you mean?
Mixer panel?

That is possible, but you need a mixer for that.

How do I connect PS5 and PC with mixer and which mixer panel is recommended to buy as a non-professional?

Maybe something like the Creative sound blaster gc7 would work. It can mix it’s usb and spdif audio and also has a spdif out for your E30.

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