Dac up grade from modi 2

So i am currently looking at upgrading my DAC on my rig. I use a Modi 2 that i got open box ( non uber version) that i feed into a mica origain to fluance speakers and some times use to connect to a headphone amp as well. I was looking for a upgrade DAC wise. budget would be around 200 - 250 ish range. I was looking at Smsl su8 since it has rca and balanced out so I could connect to both amps without a need of a spliter. Otherwise I am open to recommendations of other dacs

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Topping E30 is a really good DAC in that price range but it is RCA (SE) only. JDS Labs EL or EL 2 DAC as well are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. If you look in the Buy\Sell thread I am selling an SU-8 if that’s what you want. Free shill for my sale LOL.