DAC with headphone amp, preamp outs AND Bluetooth?

is there One? I only find DAC/Amp combos with Bluetooth… to recieve from phone not transmit…

Check out the Topping DX3 Pro. It has everything you want. Specifically, the RCA outputs can function as either a pre amp out or a line out with the push of a button. The Oppo HA-1 will also do the same thing, but it is long discontinued.

thanks - Guess I’m Dumb - what’s the difference in pre amp out and line out? variable vs fixed?

Yeah, line out is fixed and pre out is variable.


Question -if running a less expensive DAC with headphone amp, preouts can a separate Bluetooth receiver be added to it.? Like pc to DAC via usb then BT receiver on other input.?
I run a Topping MX3 with Micca MB42Xs - Buddy runs Micca PB42Xs (powered ) straight off computer - he likes how my MX3 works with BT, usb from pc etc and wants to do same but with his powered speakers but cheap as possible - don’t think he’ll spend the $ for the DX3 Pro…

A cheeky answer could be an mpow receiver to a 3.5mm to rca, then to a thx788 :wink: or anything else with an input, just add 40$ to anything that doesn’t have bluetooth. Easy solution that can look clean.

I’ve been hearing the noise floor of the MPOW 2-in-1 Tx/Rx lately, even through over-ear not-too-sensitive cans, so I’m not as impressed with it as I used to be. I’d say go for a FiiO BTR1K, which is also full-plastic (good signal strength), especially if you’re making it part of a longer chain, with additional amplification coming after it. Should get you a cleaner sound.

If money were no object the I’d also suggest the ES100 due to the eq it has. So you end up with a great portable bluetooth unit that can also feed signal in one hell of a way.

Yeah, but at that point it’s no longer just an add-on, you have to want it for multiple scenarios if you’re going to pay JDS Atom levels of money.

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Absolutely, I’m all for great and versatile units now. Simple is great, but I need value now out of my audio equipment so thats my bias and slant going forward. Value for money with feature creep if possible lol.