Dac-x6 hiss sound with iems (?)

tl;dr my dac x6 hiss with low impedance iem
anyone with an x6 could tell me what his experience is with this dac-amp and iems?

I’m new to the iem world, I had an fx-audio dac X6 for about a year now which I use to power my dt770 pro 80 ohm and I never heard a hiss sound not even at max volume. I recently bought a pair of kz zst x for around 15€ just to try iems out, and for the price, I can’t complain. but when I use those with the x6 there is a WAY noticeable hiss sound.
I looked online here and I read that he isn’t having this problem so I’m starting to wonder if my unit has something wrong.
I can hear a constant hiss sound even when no source is plugged in but when I’m playing something it gets higher with the volume.
The zst x are 12 ohms, and I can use them with my phone without a hiss at pain level volume.

It’s most likely the fact that the dac x6 isn’t the most quiet amp and with sensitive iems you will hear a noise floor, and also the dac x6 has a higher output impedance of 10 ohms which can cause issues with low impedance iems like your kz (typically you want your output impedance to be at least 1/8th of the ohm of your iem or headphone)

I thought that was the case too… unfortunate.
in your opinion, a pair of blon bl-3 (32 ohm) would at least attenuate this problem enough to let me enjoy music on iems using the x6?

Potentially, but I haven’t tried the blons on the dac x6 to really say, but there is also a higher chance that you might still have that issue

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here just to confirm, with blon bl-3 I can’t hear the hiss sound at all at the volume that I usually listen to music, I definitely don’t recommend using anything below 32ohm with the x6

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Might be worth investing in something like an iFi iEMatch if you’re serious about using the x6 with IEM’s…

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