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No dac section? Looking for a dac suggestion for thx789. I would like it to be a little on the warm side for days my ears are bothering me. To many years in factories without proper hearing protection. I know some good ones for “purists”, but most of the time I like a little warm coloration added these days. Trying to avoid adding an equalizer which would add another piece in the chain. So if anyone knows of a slightly warm dac that performs well, I would like to know about it.

We workin’ on it baby. We are trying not to spread this place too thin yet. Feel free to bring up the discussion under the SOURCE GEAR until we can accommodate it all.

Ok, will do. Wasn’t sure where to post. You can remove this one. I’ll repost there. Thank you.

Oh and I apologise, in hindsight the first post seams a little rude, my bad. Meant to be humorous. Tired AF. Didn’t come out right lol.

Perfect DAC that’s an uncompromising pairing for the THX imo is the SMSL VMV D1… and if you like to play with settings and tinker with EQ… an extra $200 will get you into the RME ADI-2 Dac… awesome stuff and definitely peace of mind knowing you have top shelf.

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