Dacs to buy help me out

I’ve been looking at dacs and have been thinking of the modius, Sanskrit, and Donald Dac cause of MQA any suggestions I have an atom and plan to get a new headset around 2-4 hundred dollars

i would think not to get anything more than like an e30 if you wont be upgrading your atom

in fact, you look into when the atom dac is coming out if you can wait and would like to get a matching stack

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Atom dac should be announced very soon. I am holding out for that…

Per JDS - “Atom DAC – Yes, it’s done and in reviewers’ hands. With 25% staff filling doubled order volume the past two months, we were in no position to push demand even higher with a new product announcement.”


but it doesn’t have a defined date

Just going to move this thread over to the DAC category…hope that’s alright with everyone.

If you don’t intend to upgrade to balanced amp and headphone, something like the E30 does seem perfectly suited. The Earman also is well regarded if you have the need for MQA, but don’t let that be a barrier, as it’s not necessarily inherently better than other high quality source formats.

Ok good to know