Daft Punk calls it quits

Ouch. :broken_heart:


Did you see the “epilogue” vid?

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Bummer. Although when you only make an album every 5 years or so, I’ll bet in 10 they will be back.


I did. But does that mean that both of them will go on their ways and start solo careers, or will Guy continue under Daft Punk?

It’s not clear, although the video did imply that Thomas “left”, while Guy continued. Either way, it will not be the same. Their talents combined is what made Daft Punk “Daft Punk”

I assume only they know :man_shrugging:

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I blame Yoko Ono.


I wonder if this means Guy & Thomas aren’t making music anymore or if their future projects just won’t be in the guise/brand of Daft Punk?

I got into them during college right at the end of 2007 . So many parties and real good times fuelled by them and their “Alive” albums in particular. Me and my friends swore to see them at their next live performance since we just missed their '07 tour and they played right near us with a few acquaintences beaming about the show. 14 years later they havent played live since 2007 and i guess i can now relieve that money i set aside.

As with pretty much any artist i cant see them stopping 100% but only time will tell.

As with the video, wasnt that clipped from one of their movies?


I think the that video was clipped from one of the their videos from the Homework Album. I think.

Also I’m curious if the current direction of the industry + covid changing their direction. I personally look forward if they get into producing.

They have a sound that needs to carry on.


Wow. Very sad.

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There are a lot of questions. As many of us know, being a music artist has many more layers than just making music. There is the business side of things as well. Just a lot of layers that the average listener is not aware of.

I doubt we will be hearing too much detail, since both of the guys are pretty quiet and secretive. Who knows, let’s see what happens

Don’t give up hope yet. After seeing G 'n R in 1994 I knew I had to see them again. Then they broke up. I swore that I’ll see them again…somehow…but made due with cover bands for many years. Then hell froze over and they went on tour. In 2016 (?) I saw them live again in Atlanta. So maybe keep that money in a drawer somewhere just in case :slight_smile:


That’s part of “Electroma”, a movie they made 2006. It’s not very easy to find, but it’s (or was) available in Tidal.

I’m really sad about this. Feels like part of my music life just stoped abruptly. Discovery was part of my life growing up, and afterwards HAA and RAM really blew me away (especially the last one).

Man this hitted hard, wtf 2021!?!


anyone here ever watch DP’s movie Electroma?


Nope, but I am interested to watch it soon. I have a long list of movies to watch, but Electroma seems to be peaking my interest. It reminds me of Metropolis (1927).


lemme know where you find it…TorrentDay doesn’t have it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen it, and it’s very… Different. A good part of it it’s nearly silent, so you better be awake and concentrated. But the concept made me reflect on some stuff in my life, so it’s worth it.

I didn’t find it in any kind of “alternative” platform with it though. Just Tidal. It may be worth paying one month of subscription just to see the movie though, if you really want it.

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You can watch it here in a pretty high quality.
It is streaming, so don’t worry about any downloads (hopefully you have an ad blocker).

This is the download link, but I think it expires (it only downloads the mp4 file, nothing else):

If both of these links expire, let me know.

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