Daily Driver Usage

What’s your go two headphone for casual every day use (videos,streams,calls) & do you use an all for one driver (casual listening,music,gaming,movies)?

Grado Hemps

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er2se or dt770

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My DD is the (un)trusty ol’ modded HE6se v2 and if I want a bigger stage I go with my Edition XS with custom pads. Between the two of them I’m thoroughly satisfied until a real endgame purchase (which is going to be a Susvara).

When I really want to listen and hear what a track has in it, I reach for my HE1000se and switch to an EQ profile for it. If I need isolation or if I can’t sleep and want to watch something at night I grab my lightly modded 177x and usually just plug them into my xCAN and Bluetooth whatever sound I need.

80% of my listening (and almost all of my gaming) is admittedly on the HE6se v2. I have a slight fear of using my HEKse because of the value :upside_down_face:. They stay in a box 99% of the time.

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Honestly, my LCD-5 and D8KP currently serve split duty as my daily drivers. The former leans more intimate and detailed, with the latter staging wider with more heft in the low-end. If I had to choose, I would probably pick the D8KP as my daily, just because the pads are ridiculously comfortable.


Aeon Noire. They’re really comfortable and I can use them outside because they’re closed. When I gets too warm during long gaming sessions I switch to my DT1990. I can wear velour pads for an infinite amount of time

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