Dap for headphones and speakers

Hi, im need help finding a good dac amp combo for my desktop pc.
I currently have:
Headphones: Akg k712pro
Takstar pro80
Speakers: Thomet and vander hoch
I was using shiit stack but the units broke 2 times already, i dont want to buy that anymore.
I mostly play games, but i also listen music and watch movies.Need a dap that can power headphones and speakers, my budget is 200-250usd.Ty,read your answers.

Hello are you looking for a a DAC\Amp combo or individual units? I am also curious which schiit stack you had I am currently using the modius magnius combo for my setup and haven’t had any problems since i have owned them for 1 year now.

The IFI zen dac v2 is a great combo unit it’s a dac and amp i never tried it with speakers but it has balanced input and output right and left audio jacks even a digital input it doesn’t take up much space either.

I have the orignal zen dac i used with my sundara but since i upgraded to the focal elex i decided to get a better setup so i went with the magnius modius stack for 400$

For that price I think it’s hard to beat either the JDS Labs Element 2+ or the Topping DX3 pro. Should be plenty of power coming out of both of those units and they both measure well.