DAP or Portable DAC/AMP

Looking for a DAP / Or portable DAC/AMP for my Iphone

I use Tidal extensively, and for long periods of time have no Internet. Travel, Business etc. Id like a DAP that can download albums/tracks for Offline mode, and use TIDAL for when Online.

This is how I currently play music with my Iphone X and works great, but curious what I am missing with a better DAC and AMP. Next trip I am planning I phone x , maybe BTR5 and camp audio honeydoo’s.

Any Suggestions?

Recommended this earlier today. LG v20. It kicks ass and I’ve seen them for under $100.

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You are better off getting a dongle. Most DAP’s have performance issues (UI Stutter, slow App loading…) and an extra device to carry and charge might be an issue in the long run.

LG phones are good All-in-One options but again another device to carry around if not using them as primary. Also, you won’t have enough power for hard to drive IEMs or Headphones because of the stupid impedance thing.

Lotoo PAW S1, ddHiFi TC35 Pro (Lightning or Type C choose based on your phone), EarMan Sparrow… are good options. One caveat with dongles is that they drain battery a bit faster (depends on how demanding the IEM/Headphone is).

There’s also Go BLU. I’m currently looking forward to getting it.

Honeydew huh, Bass quality and quantity is just awesome on them and they are extremely light and comfortable. If you are a bass head, you’ll definitely like them.