DAP to Speakers or DAP-Speaker Amp-Speakers

Can DAP’s drive Active Studio Speakers balanced 4.4 to XLR or do you need speaker amp to drive them? Interested to know what setup work best for you.

Active monitors have amps in them. You just need to feed them low level signal. You don’t need a speaker amp–that defeats the purpose of monitors.

If the DAP has a “Line out” or a dedicated mode for low-level line-out, then that’s fine. Some do, most don’t.

You need a line-out because if you send an amplified signal to an amplifier, it’ll cause problems or break the amplifiers and distort sound.

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As in “line level input”?
When the DAP in question can output line-level, then yes.

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Sorry total newbie. But, that’s what I fear is it he backfeed of power breaking the amp or DAP.

But makes better sense now. Active speakers have their own power source so makes sense not to use an amp.

Does balance output matter? And do you need to mess with the DAP settings to not effect the internal DAC?

Curious to know what’s the best affordable Speakers, that won’t break the bank.