[DAP Upgrade Suggestions: Fiio FH7 + ?]

Hello everyone,

I would like to tap into the vast repository of information among you.

-Currently using the Fiio FH7 with the AK Jr.
-I usually listen to EDM/Metal/Rock.
-I value open sound stage, crisp vocals, clean and precise separation of instruments/sounds

I need suggestions for a DAP upgrade that will pair nicely with the FH7s. My budget is => $700 what are your thoughts and comments?

Thank you for anyone who takes their time to reply.


*(There are still a few of us left)

Hmmm. What are you looking for in the dap usability wise? What features do you like to have?

Also, are you sure you want a dap? Would a dac/amp combo and a phone be something you don’t want?

Yes I am certain about the DAP. I like the fact that I can leave my phone behind so I can actually relax.

Large memory space for FLAC files, doesn’t have to be touchscreen, can fit in a pocket, lock out feature would be nice so I don’t accidently jack the volume or skip songs…

I am not too picky unless I am missing some fundamental components I havent considered.

I do like it to have an adjustable eq feature

Cool. My picks in the range would be the Hiby R6 Pro or the Fiio M11, as they both have plenty of features and great sound. The R6 Pro is a bit more natural sounding where the m11 is a bit more analytical leaning. Sound wise I prefer the hiby r6 pro, but if you need more storage and want a snappier device the m11 is very solid as well

I do have another question. In your opinion will upgrading to either the Hiby R6 Pro or the Fiio M11 allow the Fiio FH7 to be operating at their max performance?
–> IE if I were to upgrade something to make the set up better I would have to go with getting new IEMs.

Do you personally think that the gains from upgrading to a new DAP will be worth it? (I am just talking abstractly, as in will this be 10%-0.5% better or your best guess)

Thank you so much I really appreciate your help.

Pretty much yes

With this setup in the future you could get into a higher end iem no problem if you are asking.

Dang that’s hard lol. I would say perhaps a 15% improvement? Pretty arbitrary but with a dac amp upgrade it typically will never be as big as getting higher end headphone/iems. That being said, that extra tiny percentage really starts to matter when you get in the higher end, the more minute differences start to make a lot of difference for people

Wonderful, to give you reference I just came from running the UE900 /w Ak Jr. to the Fiio FH7 (Actually based on your recommendations in another thread so double thanks LMAO) and was blown away by the boost in sound quality it was what I would consider at least 75-100% increase.

Ruined 320 mp3 format for me permanently. Now I have to replace everything that already wasn’t a FLAC file with one lol.

I will take a look into both of your recommendations more in depth now. I Hope you have a fantastic rest of your day.

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Lol well glad it worked out :+1:

Yeah that can happen lol