Darkvoice 336se Problem

Hi all,
Ive had this amp for a couple years now and its been brilliant, but recently ive noticed that the right channel has sort of stopped working for my headphones, the sound starts really quiet and then after awhile (upto an hour) its sort of comes right but you can notice that it shits out at certain frequency’s, would anyone know what may be causing this, ive tried a few different rca cables and nothing seems to work.

one or both tubes could be dying, if you have another pair to swap to I’d try it if not you could try getting new tubes, they can be pretty cheap for solid ones (think some of the more popular ones are in the $20-$30 range)


Thanks for that, ill have to get some and see if that’s the problem

Bought a new 6SN7 Tube and my issue has been solved. thanks for the tip


glad you can enjoy the tubes again

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