Darkvoice from Drop shipping?

I ordered the DV on the last Drop that had them back in January - couldn’t pass on the $185. The estimated ship date was March 17. The last email I received from Drop on the DV order was a confirmation on Jan 29. Yesterday afternoon I received this text:

“DHL Express [10 digit number] from INSIST TRADING estimated Thu Mar 12. Authorize DHL to deliver w/out signature + other options: https://delivery.dhl.com/US/[redacted] Reply END to stop msgs”

Google says Insist Trading is a Hong Kong based company. As of 9:45am CDT today, I have received no shipping notifications from Drop. I usually get either an email or text from them saying that a thing I ordered has shipped. To my knowledge, I have no other packages that would be addressed to me coming from that part of the world. Given the proximity to March 17 is this the DV or should I be worried? Any others out there that ordered a DV on last Drop having a similar experience?

Might be a phishing fake DHL email?

I have considered that. And it very well could be. I thought I would ask because in general Drop’s shipping is such a cluster. So :woman_shrugging:

My drop for the 95x dekoni pads did the same thing, came way earlier than I expected, you are most likely just fine (enjoy the darkvoice :+1::+1:)

It’s been over a year, but I want to say my DV shipped 2-3 weeks sooner than I expected it to. From my experience with Drop, the items that are sold regularly never seem to be hit with delays, but one-time or first sales almost always take longer than expected

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Yes only really obscure or really hot first runs take the long time

My 6XX arrived inside a week. My 4XX took almost a month coming from Shenzhen, I believe. The city, not the company. But in either case Drop themselves let me know when they shipped. We will know in less than 36 hours, though. Stay tuned.


My 58x didn’t show on the tracking for ages - eventually came up. I’m sure you are fine.


I have something to play with this weekend (since I won’t be watching basketball).

Drop sent me a shipping notice about 11:30 this morning. It arrived at my house just after 3pm. Good job, Drop. I propose we modify a common expression: Shop Drop & eye roll :roll_eyes:. I can’t complain too much. It was still $80-100 less than other retailers.


Up and running!

Really need to reorganize all that stuff. The monitor right above the DV’s power tube is already getting really hot to the touch. Plus, the monitor’s power button is right in that vicinity and that’s just asking for a finger burn.

After I have a chance to do a fair comparison, that little tube buffer is likely to go back down to my other system with my D10 and Atom and I’ll route the DV’s pre-out into the SP200’s SE input to drive my planars with some tubeyness. That will also mean the LS doesn’t have to lean anymore ;p.

My whole family uses my main computer. It has become quite an entertainment hub for all. The kids play games. That’s why the Schiit stack and the 32 ohm DT990 are right there. I don’t really use those anymore and they’re built well so the kids can use them for their games (otherwise they would have a hard time adjusting headphone volume). My partner uses the computer to listen to her music too. When I’m not here or not using the computer, she’ll turn the speakers up and sit on one of the couches in the room and work on her laptop. So, I have some ergonomic and organizational issues to figure out here…

Early impressions on the DV are positive, though. The 6XX in particular is really singing through it.


Well done my brother…nice setup. You spaced out your desktop perfectly for my OCD tendencies, lol.

I agree that the Hd6xx sound great on the DV336. I had both for about 2 years before I sold them for the upgrades I was seeking.


Thanks! I do enjoy the setup and am still going to need to move things around. One of the kids is surely gonna burn their finger on a tube if I don’t. I’m feeling good about my assortment of gear for now. I have enough different “budget-ish” gear that I’ve started to really figure out my preferences. The next purchase I make is likely going to be headphones in a higher price category. But, that’s gonna have to wait. I just finished grad school in December. My partner just successfully defended her PhD (so proud of her!) and will graduate in May. So we’re both on the job market. Financial security first. More audio gear second (or realistically, more like 10th, if I’m smart - but in this arena of spending, I’m not). But, this virus business and associated economic woes are gonna make that…interesting.


Figuring out what your preferences are in this hobby is a very rewarding thing. Money better spent on future upgrades.

I understand about the children, but even my brother in law who is 42 years old burnt himself on my old darkvoice 336se. You say something is hot and they suddenly feel it necessary to immediately touch it, lol.

Congratulations to your partner as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


different learning styles in action. I heard you, I believe you, buuuuuut… ouch


I ordered from drop too. still says “order placed with vendor” and its says shipping date march 17

That sucks.

Shop Drop & Eye Roll

(needs to become a thing)