DCM/ MTX Bookshelf n center

Somebody said these are ain’t Bad

If you try them, let us know how they sound. I have 70’s era mtx 3way bookshelves that sound good. Interested in modern version.

Fellars have reported they compare to Infinity R152/162s. Said he owns both and did some A/B listening…

I ordered a pair of these last week, they should show up any day now. Seen there wasn’t any videos on YouTube yet about them so I’ll do a review and get it up loaded asap. I have the B652, BS22 and CS5 to compair them to so it should be a fun video.

IowAudio Review

Got part 1 uploaded if anyone wants to check it out. Part 2 will be uplaoded soon.

I’m dying for a comparison between these and the Micca RB42

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Your in luck. I finally got my hands on some RB42, but litteraly the day after they arrived I came down with bronchitis and have been stuck in bed all week. Stay tuned I’ll be getting the review done soon and comparing them to the BS22 and CS5.

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awesome! i look forward to it. i like your review of the dcm’s