DCM Timepeace series

Went ahead and bought a pair of DCM tp160 towers, Centers, and bookshelves for 300$ USD
Seemed like a steal at the time, however, I can’t seem to find any info on them online

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this brand and could tell me if it was worth it?

They are made by MTX. MTX been around forever in the bargain arena. They usually make speakers for other brands. JC Penney branded speakers back in the day were made by MTX.

Any experience with how they sound? Someone commented that the book shelves were comparable to the q acoustic 3020 and infinity reference r152 for only 70$ which is the reason why i bought them

also the centers and the towers were 90$ and 120$ usd respectively. MSRP of 199$ and 399$ when they came out

I have 3way mtx bookshelves from the 70’s that sound great. Got used for 10 bucks with surrounds foam needing replaced. They make good speakers.

I heard a pair of DCM Time Windows and they were good. I know that a few people I know loved them back in the day, but I didn’t find them super special. I do remember seeing some Timepieces but I didn’t get to hear them