Deals/Sale thread

Could we have a thread/sticky somewhere so people could post any particular good sales? Kind of like what Z does with Youtube posts.

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having a buy & sell section would be a nice thing :slight_smile:

to make it safe and legit, here are some suggested rules:

  1. you can’t post a WTS until you have been part of the community for a bit, either a time limit or a post count to show you’re engaged.
  2. posts must be reviewed by a mod before they go up (you can take volunteers you trust)
  3. there must be a picture of the product. not only that, it must include a piece of paper with your forum name and the date the post is going up on. this proves it’s a legit item.
  4. then make some sort of rating system where people can report on how good/bad a transaction was to build trust levels within the community.
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