Dear BLON: What the f**k happened to you?! (A rant)

BLON…BLON, It is so sad to see you guys in this current state when it comes to your IEMs releases lately. Like seriously guys? What the fuck happened after the magical genesis that you have bestowed upon us which is the BLON BL-03? Why are your fucking tunings lately on your new releases like the BLON FatGirl (I don’t know why you named an IEM like that) and BLON Z200 are such lackluster excuses of an IEM?!

Come the fuck on! You could have just, get the BLON BL-03’s tuning, improve the things that are lacking from that tuning, maybe ease up the things that are too much from the tuning, to me it would be the bass and give it more technical improvements! Why is it so hard for you guys to understand that? What really sucks is that their Z200 had potential to be great for the price, for I think its build quality according to some of the reviewers that I watched from is pretty good and solid, hell the ergonomics are even better than your previous models, meaning better fit! But you threw it all the way because of your poor execution on delivery of sounds for most of us the MUSIC matters more! Also, non-detachable cable from the Z200? Really? even though the cable shows L and R indicators that shows it is detachable? Man this is so disappointing from them.

It’s like watching your childhood friend, who you love so much slowly gets corrupted by many factors of the cruel world that in turn, turns her into someone that you cannot recognize anymore as she turns into drugs and overdoses from it on some dark alley that she is left alone to die. You wanted to help but she’s too far gone to be helped anymore, therefore it hurts you. I know the terminology that I did on BLON is exaggerated and a bit overdramatic, but that’s how I feel on them for they could have done so much better for the foundation of the BLON BL-03 is there to improve upon it!


I’m afraid THIS is the real BLON and the BL-03 and BL-05S were simply the exceptions.
I feel like BLON manufactures and IEM, doesn’t listen to it and releases it. They just keep around the shit that sells and quietly discontinue the shit that doesn’t. 03 and 05S stuck around.

Maybe their next one will be a HUGE hit. Maybe it won’t. We don’t know… and they don’t know either, THAT, imo, is the problem. They have no clue what they do.

What’s the saying? Toss enough shit at the fan and eventually some will get flung in your face? No? Close enough :wink:


As toruc mention above, this is the the real blon. The 03 was the tuned by the legendary guy that tuned the Tanchjim Oxygen and then dissapeared. So it wasnt even tuned by the blon guys…

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If only they could have kept the guy in some way, just for them to get back on track. I mean it’s there, the tuning is already been done by that guy even though he is no longer there to tune your stuff. You guys had one freaking job! One job! to make the tuning even more magical or an improved version, like a BLON BL-03.2 or whatever.

I wouldn’t cry about it. There’s still great (non-BLON) alternatives at prices we couldn’t have imagined 10 or even 5 years ago!!

This is going to get politically ranty from my end.

Very rich oligarchs are monopolizing resources internationally while attacking human rights and businesses that care about customers’ experience more than money.

Russia, Ukraine, America, China, Taiwan, and other countries’ political conflicts are stepping towards a potential World War 3 because of those same very rich oligarchs who make our world burn for profit. This is negatively affecting the global economy regarding audiophile businesses.

Global warming and dehumanizing working conditions like slave wages that only benefit very rich oligarchs are hindering technological innovation when workers are dying from poverty caused by tyrannical wealth inequality.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and other big technology industry businesses have totalitarian censorship caused by very rich oligarchs that breeds anti-intellectualism. That same anti-intellectual totalitarianism hinders intellectual freedom. Intellectual freedom that is repsonsible for creating technological innovation in the first place.

The big technology industry is controlled by mafia bosses who are very rich men. They don’t care about ethics, progressivism, and human rights. They are obsessed with money, violence, sex, control, and bullying lower-class people. That’s why smartphones are created by child slaves.

If you want better technology, then hold these corrupt stockholders and very rich oligarchs accountable by getting rid of their abusive power. That way we can have less global warming, tyrannical wealth inequality, worker deaths, suicides, mental health issues, child slaves, slave wages, sociopaths, psychopaths, sexual harassment, misogyny, misandry, cynicism, warmongering militaries, totalitarian censorship, etc. That way we can live in a world where creating better technologies to help humanity thrive is more important than letting very rich oligarchs weaponize technology used for bullying people for profit. Capitalism allows them to do that. Which capitalism opens Pandora’s box to debt, classism, poverty, and other things that benefit very rich oligarchs only. Not that I support communism. But I don’t support capitalism, either. I support improved technologies that are environmentally sustainable from ethical businesses that care about human rights like preventing child slavery and intellectual freedom.

I find the product BLON BL-03 is created by a company dealing with our current economic crisis and political conflict caused by very rich oligarchs hoarding their money. So, I’m not confident these audiophile businesses are going to improve significantly until these people fight against political corruption causing this economic crisis.

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I would argue that we’ve failed BLON and don’t deserve their greatness.
Have you been living all of the mantra?

Let Music Burn
Never Give Up

It’s time to look in the mirror, sheeple.

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Care to explain?

If I’m not wrong, he’s just having a laugh!


Probably, it takes away the serious tone when the word sheeple is being used. It’s kind of like one of those words that you often heard about in a repetitive manner so much, that the meaning of the word and the serious tone of it is no longer there, therefore the word is desensitized and no longer holds any value or even a weight to give a damn about it.

Also yeah to end it, I have to thank the other brands who strived to improved upon and give tough competition to the budget range, for it has been a while that we got that many contenders for the best at 20USD. So yeah, BLON fading is not much of a big deal, for I think some IEMs that are new just trumps it all the way, making it dated but still good enough to garner people to get BL-03, for it’s a one of a kind IEM back then.

And hey. We still have our sparkly-purple, bassy-well turned and solidly constructed 03’s.
Only got one pair of ears and when the 03’s are in them, I don’t care if they still make or will ever again make great stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Also. For 20USD, may I advise the CHU. The non-detachable cable is really sad but… Fuck… They sound AMAZING and have that solid-metal construction of the 03’s.

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Nah, I prefer the 7Hz Salnotes Zero, those are a killer for the price. Hell I got it for 15USD! But yeah, at least I still have my BLON BL-03 Purple Edition, and I gave away my BLON BL-05S away since I already have IEMs in my collection that is much better than it.