Debating on tube rolling xduoo ta-26


So I have a ta-26 amp, and I was wondering how much of a difference it makes to switch tubes?

The reason why, is because I was eyeing an RCA VT231 6SN7 tube, as well as a Winged-C 6AS7.

What are some of your thoughts/opinions.


According to the description, the Xudoo ta-26 needs 6N5P and 6N8P tubes.
If you do use an adapter, it is difficult to say in advance how it will work, as each tube reacts differently to the circuit design.
This can be taken as a general reference.
In one amplifier it can be very good and in another less good to bad.

Before you spend a lot of money you should first take affordable tubes so that you have a bit of a comparison in which direction you want to push the amplifier.

With the tube you mentioned, you have to be careful because there are always some fakes in circulation.
And defective ones are always to be found on Ebay and are declared to be in working order at a high price.
If you want to buy one of these, then from a dealer where you can make claims, ideally in the country where you live would be even better.

RCA VT231 6SN7 tube, as well as a Winged-C 6AS7 are equivalent tubes.

I will be buying from and

I was wondering if you’ve had any experience with tube rolling these tubes, this amp, or the darkvoice 336se (which is very similar to this amp)?

I’m looking for “neutral”, bassy, but clear in the top.

I find the stock Chinese tubes are boomy, and with a lot going on, they have almost what I would describe as a muffle – essentially the presentation is a bit bumpy – not smooth. If that makes sense.

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no I had not had either amplifier.
That’s why it’s hard to say which tube might be ideal.
Spontaneously, a Tung sol could also be very good.
If you find a Sylvania in good condition, there is nothing to be said against it.

Perhaps a Linlai as a Hifi without the Elite version is also available at a reasonable price.
A Ps Vane could also be good but needs a lot of burn in time of about 200-300 hours.

Maybe someone else can suggest something that would be suitable.
Otherwise read up on the Dark voice forum where some have already tried something that has proven itself.

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Maybe look in the darkvoise chat think they had some tube comparisons there if i remember correctly :wink:

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I got “winged-c” 6as7 and a tung sol 6sn7…

Sound is bigger, cleaner and crisper than stock chinese tubes. That’s with 0 hours burn in, just plug em in and listen.

I expect sound to soften a little over time with more burn in.


Yes, I’m sure he will.
Expect 50-100h for the type of tubes.
Which 6AS7G did you take?
The Svetlana ?

The cheap Chinese tubes are indeed not good, but there are some that are good.
For the 6SN7, the Shuang is only rarely available.Ps Vane will become rarer because it is no longer available.
But Linlai has appeared and they are definitely very good.
But all three brands are very good tube manufacturers.

The Tung sol is also a good choice for the first time, especially compared to the Chinese stick tube.

Have fun listening and burning in.
Burn-in is always the worst.

I got:


50-100h, eh? I guess I’ll just leave my amp on.


Hows your experience of xduoo ta 26 with these two tubes in the long term ? Are you satisfied or did u end up getting some other tubes ? Thanks.