Decent Budget Vinyl Set Up

Let’s say that hypothetically I wanted to dip my toes into vinyl. Could someone recommend decent budget gear to get started?

Turn table? Schiit Mani? Cartridge?

I’m very ignorant on this topic.

I don’t really see myself getting into this, so I don’t want to spend a ton, but I also want to be above the threshold of crap (which has been my experience with vinyl thus far).

A Rega turntable are better,a good cardige is the Ortofon Red.
For preamp the Project debut are solid.

After a little research this morning, I’m looking at this model:


Just an update–Decide to get the linked model from Amazon Warehouse for $90. Figured it’d be a cheap foot in the door to see if I’m into it.

It will play records conveniently. We have the non-X version in-service at my workplace.
See if you like the nature of playing vinyl. Sonically the Rega mentioned, and the Orbit you linked will be upgrades should you like the A-T — which you could then put into a less demanding role (party situations, etc).
Welcome to wax.