Decent enough DAC (AMP) with some feature requests

Hello everyone!

As many people know, there’s not much use in an expensive DAC and it mostly comes down to features, so i am looking for a nice desktop DAC (AMP-combo or an AMP to go along with the DAC) that has the following features:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Gain for IEMs
  • a Power-button or switch
  • enough power for something like a HD6XX or DT770
  • connector for headphones of course and maybe even for some speakers later on

anything else?

Budget i was looking into some low-budget options, as i just don’t see use in higher-priced DACs.

So to kind of resolve this one by myself: i’ll be getting the E30/L30 combo. It doesn’t have bluetooth, but i’ll be resolving this another time (won’t be using it much anyway)