Decent Outdoor/Patio speakers

We’re buying a house! And I got the So-to-be’s approval to install some outdoor speakers for the back deck.

Looking for some good passive speakers that are good enough that I enjoy listening to them, but it’s outside so I don’t feel the need to have anything particularly amazing. Looking to beat about $300 for the pair. My plan is to run them off of my old behringer A-500. While I’m here if anyone has good bluetooth DAC with a digital input too I’ll need one to feed the amp.


I got some Def Tech AW6500 for around 300 a pair on a close out sale that are pretty great for that price, if you can find another deal like that they are pretty solid imo. For a bluetooth dac you could get something like the ifi zen blue which is very solid, and later on you can hook up a nicer dac if you would like