Deciding priorities

Quick question…I apologize for this being a bit lengthy. So I’m planning on doing some upgrades. TV is currently a TCL 4 Series, and I’m planning to upgrade that to a TCL 6 series. That’s more or less final decision. I’ve seen them and oh my fucking God it makes what I’ve got look like shit. Still sticking with 4K 55". Don’t feel I need bigger, just really wanting that boost in image quality.
Going to either get Jamo C91 ii or Neumi BS5 as rears, keeping the C93 ii as fronts. Still under debate if I’ll go center or not. If I do, will probably go Jamo C9 Cen ii.
Still not locked down on a sub, but I’m kinda leaning 12". Single to start at least. May buy a matching one down the line.
Side channels may be added down the line later, but that’s kinda up in the air.
Listening is fairly split between movies, anime, and music. Fluance AI61 will be relegated to desk/PC use.
Here’s the big questions, and I again I apologize for the length of this, how much should I worry about specs of the receiver? I’m looking more at Denon more then other brands (Marantz is just going to be too far out of the question). Dolby Vision is the HDR standard I seem to be unifying under, so that’s a higher priority for me. I’m planning to have the TV, a HTPC, and Sony UBP-X700 hooked up to it. Also, should I worry about features I might decide not to use (like 7.1/7.2), or save a buck and potentially restrict myself if I find myself wanting down the line?

I went with all one brand speakers due to spatial audio. Not sure it matters but i went that route to be happy.

I’ve considered doing that more for the idea of aestetics and aucustics. Keep the tuning in line along with genreal sound profile. Since the sub would be handling the lowest frequencies, the other speakers will handle everything above that, including the trebble. That, of course, happens to cover the widest frequency range (to my knowledge) and would be handled by the tweeters, which can very a bit from one brand to another.

does it matter not sure but makes me sleep better at night going identical.

I guess it all depends. I don’t know if mixing horns, titanium, or silk dome tweeters wet a different style would be a good idea, given their different characteristics.

got all identical and mix/match. TBH cant tell if theres much of a difference. Although my stuff are budget .