Decision time for DAC/Headphone Amp

Currently stuck between the choice of either- FiiO K5 Pro OR Audioengine D1.
Both are very similar price point in Australia and unsure if there is a definite “better” choice.

Any input would be appreciated.

Current headphones are Audio Technicas AD700x and HyperX Cloud Revolver S.
Both predominately used for gaming

I think the k5 pro is the better product imo. I think it’s the cleaner amp and overall better deal. Also prefer the dac in the k5 pro as well. I think the d1 is somewhat outdated at this point in comparison

Thanks for your opinion, I ended up ordering the K5 Pro. Now I wait. Hope I notice the improvement in sound, super excited.

Are you using motherboard audio or a phone currently? You should notice a good improvement, and it also opens up future headphone upgrade options that are harder to drive :+1:

Currently have an external sound card, Creative Soundblaster 1095. Comes with alot of software junk and seems to be causing some latency issues when using a Launchpad for music.

I can definitely see a headphone upgrade in the future now with the DAC and amp upgrade

Well that could also be because of your configuration. What software are you using? And how do you have the device configured?

Currently using Voicemeeter banana and a few VB-Audio virtual channels but will more than likely remove and start fresh once the new K5 arrives

Yeah, I would simplify to keep quick latency (and obviously optimize as well)