Decware Tiny Radials, Desktop Speakers

I can’t keep quiet about these any longer. :heart_eyes: They are extremely hard to get and fairly expensive for their size BUT they are the most audiophile quality Tiny Desktop speakers I have ever heard along w/ being gorgeous, hand built and simply the coolest boutique item I own.

If you have a SMALL space a halfway decent tube amp, decent DAC and an inexpensive small subwoofer these are a real treat and a real value “sleeper” of a speaker. They are a tiny 1.5 inch omni-directional crossover-less one way design. Steve Deckert owner of Decware personally hand builds each one for fun and relaxation and he keeps playing w/ the design every few sets so you really get a unique and “one-off” piece depending on which pair you manage to get a hold of.

They disappear completely, image and center tightly, they roll off smoothly on the top and bottom end and produce a rich sound that has snap and pop across every genre of music which is NOT something i can say for speakers that cost upwards of 6 times the price. I enjoy what these do so much that they replaced my beloved and cherished Falcon LS3/5A’s and forced/convinced me to build a near field/testing room to dedicate to the rest of my bookshelves. (oh well, one less spare bedroom for guests… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

There are SO many great speakers out there, I know this and own a few, these though are unique, and just such custom pieces that they offer pride of ownership many levels beyond what a quality mass produced piece brings to the table. Thus I apologize because I am speaking to a level of pride above and beyond any ability to be objective on the subject.

These are for an individual who wants something special that they can truly enjoy knowing is one of a very few custom pieces that plays well beyond it’s size limitation. They are exceptional quality across the board and will when mated with a few nice pieces of moderate cost provide for a low power audiophile experience for a small space, especially a desktop environment.

I don’t like to shill things, I listen to M0N and others well more experienced than myself for knowledge and advice, but I have also developed my own musical tastes for certain styles of equipment and music. If you think you have tastes similar to my own you owe it to yourself to try and get a hold of a pair of these. They are one of those things that decades from now you will still pat yourself on the back for snatching up and holding onto. They are a conversation starter and such a cool, unique custom piece that falls well into audiophile world standards BUT doesn’t break the bank. They also come in a DIY package, if you can get a hold of all the parts and have the time, tools and expertise to build yourself.

I’m sorry i don’t have the audiophile words or in depth knowledge of musical instruments to give a proper detailed explanation of how well these reproduce the sound frequency spectrum, BUT I have listened and had the good fortune to enjoy what experts in the hobby consider quality and to my untrained amateur ear these really are a special treat for the price, size and their ability.

Happy listening, if one single person tries these and enjoys them this silly rant/shill/propostrous post will have been worth it to me. I had to speak up, I still can’t believe how good these little buggers are, I just wanted to share something special for anyone who might have tastes similar to mine. Happy Listening to all :grinning:

For some reason I can’t link to the exact forum thread but you can search at these 2 links for some more insight.

my pair in Padauk wood S/N 004

Oh yeah, I have these on my desk, you can slightly modify the bass output by pulling them in closer together or spreading them a bit further apart.
I am running them via 2015 Mac Book Pro > ROON > Matrix X-SPIDIF2 > Chord Qutest > Glow Audio AmpII w/ NOS Ei EL84’s and NOS Tunsgram ECC83’s > Bic America V1220 12" floor loaded on custom wood base > Custom cables across the board > Steve’s Tiny Radials

I’d love to try a pair, but I’ve yet to see a pair actually available for sale on the decware site.

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Yes, I tried desperately to grab a pair of the heavy’s he made recently and had ZERO luck myself.

Browsing through their website, it’s like shopping for stereo gear in an alternate universe. I love this hobby.


Get on his mailing list, once or twice a year he offers a 10% off coupon for a 24 or 48hr period of time…it’s better than nothing but he is also backed up for months and months on making and shipping items…anyway, yes Steve is old school and it shows on his sight Plainly🤣

Pair #16 and I don”t remember when I last listened to my p3 esr’s,the imaging,bass,midrange,everything is just amazing,.I keep mine 10 feet apart,owned ML,scintilla’s,naim 6 packs,naits of all kinds,Sbl’s,mc275’rogers 35a’s,these tiny radials and the 25th amp is the end.Splendid!the guys a genius,not once thought about another amplifier upgrade,no nagging feelings of upgrading,just music!