Dedicated Basement Theater - Room Layout Advice

Hi all, need some advice on room layout. My vision is to build my dream 7.2.4 theater with two rows of seating, 2nd row on a riser with 3 seats in each row. The best space available in the basement of my new house is only 12ft wide with 7 ft ceilings (length is flexible and not an issue). This seems tight to me for a theater of this level. My concerns are:


  • There only seems to be about 26 inches of aisle space on each side with three seat rows based on measuring
  • Also means that side surrounds would only be ~26 inches from listeners (I plan to go bi-poles in the middle of the two rows to help with this)


  • Is 7’ ceiling enough separation between Atmos speakers and bed layer?
  • Clearance of head space from riser to ceiling is limited
  • The ceiling is not 100% flat and symmetrical as there is some ductwork along the back right corner of the space.

What’s everyone experience with similar room widths and heights? Wondering if I should just go with the layout as is or look at some major renovation to alter the width/ceiling height?

Best advise i can give for the atmos, watch this video Ep. 1 - Achieve HUGE sound! Home Theater Setup! Proper placement and Setup !! | Home Theater Gurus - YouTube and the one after it. It lays out the math, that makes it scalable for any space. And i have similar distance form my sides surrounds, and its never been an issue if everything else is balanced.

Thanks, yeah HT Gurus has good videos. What are you doing for side surrounds as far as placement and type of speaker?

The trinnov rep on the “sparechange” youtube ch mentioned for atmos object surround you dont want bipole. He also suggested little higher and foward from the seats to help with the speaker taking out an eardrum.

Ill take a picture when i get home. I have it 45in off the ground 90° to the listener. They are just (for now) older onkyo THX surrounds. Ive never had a complaint about being close or too loud.

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