Deezer, an amazing subscription with great software

I have been using Deezer with their " Deezer HiFi" subscription tier for a couple of years now and I love it!

Here is where / when / how I use it:

  • I have their windows version installed on the living room computer connected to Vanatoo Transparent One Encores

  • I have it installed on my Nvidia Shield in the living room (android TV) connected to the same loud speakers

  • I have the Android version on my phone for listening on the go

  • This is probably the most important feature to me: I use it on my car’s headunit (Android Auto) during my long commute jamming to my tunes in the otherwise annoying morning traffic

  • I have it at my listening station with a computer connected to the Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers, and a Monolith DAC/AMP with THX 788 chips

Given their massive audio library lossless in CD quality, I couldn’t imagine my daily routine without it.

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what makes the software so great? I’ve only ever used Spotify, so curious.

The answer is, maybe no difference to you, or a hell lot of difference depending on your use.

Deezer streams music in higher fidelity than Spotify at 44.1k, meaning if you have a good set of headphones, IEMs or speakers that showcase the quality of the audio file played through Deezer, and your ear notices the difference in detail, you might notice a massive difference. However, if you don’t have a good set of cans and supporting DAC/amp…etc. you may not notice any difference.

Listening to 44.1k FLAC files (the format they use for their streaming) using my Hifiman HE-560 or Focal Elex, made me notice details in songs that I’ve known and loved for decades that I never noticed before details as minute as a guitar pick rubbings against guitar strings in some songs.

Another great benefit of the software is that it works well on android auto and apple car play, so you could enjoy that same high quality in your car if you have a decent system that runs it and good quality car speakers.

Maximizing these benefits of course happens with a subscription to the slightly higher priced Deezer Hifi tier.
The software also has a music download feature allowing you to download your playlists or specific songs on your phone to avoid excessive use of your data plan (if its capped or is expensive).

I hope my response answers your questions.


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well…you talked more about the music quality than why you think the software stands out as better than the competition but for the fact it integrates well with mobile auto platforms.

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