Dekoni Audio Headphone Savior

Hey guys,

Just want to talk about the new Headphone Savior were releasing soon. Its a headphone bag we made with custom dimensions so we can fit bigger headphones inside of it. The one thing you might notice is that it looks similar to a camera bag… Well I’m not going to lie to you, we started with one as the base for this project. The internet is full of BS sniffers and no point in feeding them. We played with the dimensions of a camera bag until we got something that fit headphones like the Empyrean, LCD series and Focals. We upgraded the foam, added some smart design features and woopty-doo we have the Headphone Savior.

Some of the notable features:

  • Thick foam padding
  • Universal fit
  • Shoulder strap
  • Belt loop/climbing loop
  • Velcro foam inserts for separating gear
  • Extra pockets

The biggest design philosophy we had was getting a huge amount of headphones to fit. We have been using those hard cases from this company with the digits logo. Those cases didn’t really work for us and so we developed a better mouse trap. We did so well we even got the Koss ESP/95X to fit inside our bag with room to spare for some extras.

Anyways we sent a bag to Z, its an accessory so it doesn’t warrant a review. Alternatively he unboxed it and gave first impressions. Take note the bag is actually deeper than he thinks, the bottom of the bag has one of the velcro dividers. This takes away an inch of space inside the bag.



Never give a good Headphones out of the Hand, so you don‘t need a Bag for it.:grin:

How many is the Price for it?
Maybe is the bag better as the Earpads from Dekoni :grin:

Or you can get it a little cheaper from Drop. I think $5 cheaper.