Dekoni website list DT1880 pads... hmmm

Not sure how long that has been in there list… but if this is true that there is an DT1880 coming out, then did Dekoni let the cat out of the bag?



@M0N Over here!

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Oopsies. Must’ve dropped something out of my bag

But then you search it up and you see that there have been speculations since 2016.

Yea I have ordered some pads from there maybe a few weeks ago and I don’t recall seeing it in the list and in the past when I ordered I don’t remember seeing it there… but maybe I missed it? Not sure… just thought I would point it out.

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Hmm interesting

Z’s new favorite headphone incoming!

Uh oh. I think my wallet may hate me because that’s an instant purchase

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Noooooo, I was supposed to get a planar next. I already have two Beyers.