Delay when switching bitrates with xDuoo TA-10R

I bought a xDuoo TA-10R some months ago as my first expensive DAC/AMP.
Now, when I switch to a song that has a different bitrate the player will halt for some seconds (about 2s) and after that the song will start but with those seconds past. This is ofc annoying, but its solved by just starting the song over (double click again and its ok).
Sometimes if I switch songs too fast the device will not play anything at all, so I have to plug again the USB.

I have two other DACs, the Shanling UA1, and the Ifi Hip DAC, with the first one I have a similar issue, and the songs will always play like 1 second after, and the second one works normal.

I’ve recently tried the TA-10R on Windows (I use Audacious on Linux), and there the problem is even worse. For instance, Tidal will stop and bug the device with every song and is unusable, but Audirvana works just like on Linux with Audacious, however it has an option to wait X seconds if the bitrate changes (that’s not available with Audacious)… WHICH is why I think this is not a problem at all… I’m confused.

On Android with USB Audio Player PRO, works just as with Audacious and Audirvana, but is harder to bug the device.

So, is that something that is to be expected of some models or is actually a failure?

Could be that the player does not tell the DAC the next song is in a different bit rate and the DAC having to adjust as the data comes in.

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@MazeFrame is right probably the player. Also change those tubes. The stock tubes won’t do you justice switch to an E80CC. Really improves the amp significantly