Denon AH-D5200 vs AH-D7200 vs AH-D9200

Just saw this video. It doesnt sound very good lol. Appearently from his review the 5200 is quite nice but there are other headphones at the price that are better. The 7200 are muffled not enough treble. And the 9200 are great and have a lot of detail but a little too much treble. These arent sounding too good lol.

Yeah, read if modded correctly you can get the 7200 on par with a TH900 if not better but it takes some effort. 9200 is probably the best balanced headphone out of the Denon/Fostex line but the pricing really hurts it as Denon is kind of late to the game. At that price you’re looking at ZMF money.

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I can not say at all. I have the D7200 and I really like it. I still have the Tr x 00 MAhagony here, and in comparison I really prefer the denon in the heights. Not too pointed like the Tr x00.
Even if he’s still modded with the Lawtonmod.
There is also more bass in the D7200, and in the middle section they both give almost nothing, so it is rather difficult depending on the music, the Denon is better or the Fostex.
What is good for the Denon is the Via blue epc 2 cable, when it is installed it tickles a little something.
I once looked at the D7200 in the diagram and am considering whether I might ask Lawton if it would be feasible for insulation and sell it to me as a kit.
Because the rear driver is just as naked as the Fostex, but whether it actually brings improvement has to be tested.
Can also backfire.
And with the equalizer you can still get a lot out of the D7200. So Out of the Box it is really good. There was really nothing that really bothered me except the miserably long cable. Was different with Fostex, everything I read had too sharp heights ect I really felt that way after a few days.
I did not understand that you only brought the 9200 and then the 7200 before that came the 5200.
You were probably behind schedule.
According to my information Denon developed the driver himself, so there shouldn’t be anything from Fostex in the series, but maybe have it manufactured by them. Who knows?

oops forgot the video, just included it

I am a huge fan of the D7200. I find that it strikes a good balance between having enough kick for a bit of fun but without being bass heavy or over colouring the sound. They’re very comfortable and beautifully built from nice materials. I find that if I just want to relax and enjoy the music then it is either these or the Nighthawk Carbon I turn to. Their problem was price, when released they were very expensive and I am not sure they were really worth it (in fairness I feel the same about most expensive headphones) but I got mine in a clearance offer for £330, at that price they were a great buy.

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The Denon AH-D5200 is an incredibly underrated headphone, because it is not well represented ouside Asia and Europe. The Build quality is insane, and the sound is really well-balanced and on the neutral side of the spectrum. Can’t go wrong with a Foster Biodynamic driver.

I had the Denon D7200 for over a year.
I liked it at first, but later it just annoyed me.
After I changed my Tr x00 Mahogany to Emu Ebony and the Denon D2000 to Emu Purpleheart cups.

Although the drivers are older, I can say that the bass is better than the D7200.
Nothing bleeds into the mids and it’s not too thick.

That’s why I sold the Denon D7200 and got an Audeze Lcd 2 C for it.
I listened to the D5200 in the audio shop.
I connected it to a Nad Sdac CD player and a Marantz headphone amplifier.
I didn’t like it so much there.
Later, in the same shop, I listened to it on a Macintosh tube amp and it was balmy.
I would have liked to stay longer to listen to more music.
I found the D5200 more than a corner better on the Macintosh, it was so on point, it didn’t need more.
I think I will give it another chance.
But not the D7200.
It seems to me that the cups, like the Fostex, have the biggest influence.
Unfortunately, there is nothing but self-made.
I dampened it a bit here and there but it wasn’t ideal.
Unfortunately, the carpenter I had was also beaten up and will probably get his pension soon.
There I would have had the opportunity to get rosewood and have cups made from it.

Well,totally disagree .
For me the ah-d72000 are pure magic. Not perfect , but every time I put them on I have a big smile.
I am now 2 weeks hospitalized with COVID and even without EQ abilities with me here I just got remembered what a great piece of engineering it is.

Welcome, and hope you’re recovering well!

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Ultimate Denon Headphone Battle: AH-D7200 vs AH-D9200 vs AH-D5200