Denon Ah D7200 testing vs Th Xx 00?

I am in possession to the Fostex th xx00 Mahagony.So Massdrop has say this is the last series from Fostex collaboration.I hope they continue with a new Model.

I am satisfaite with my Th xx 00 Mahagony,and would try a alternative.
What do you about think from the Denon AH D7200?
Good Headphone or not?Give it same Mods?
It is better as the Fostex M ,Ph or EB?

My actually Setup is a
Cambrige Audio Dac Magic 100 modify
Schitt Loki
Schitt Vali 2 with the Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold Edition Tube.
Audioquest Rca cable.

The D7200 is a pretty great headphone that I think is a step up in technicalities from the thx00. I think some may prefer the tuning of the x00 ebony, but the D7200 has a different tuning. I don’t think it needs mods, but you could mod it to the way you like it

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It give or need a special Amp or Dac for it to use the Last 10%?
Actually i use a modifieded Cambridge Audio dac Magic 100 in Combination with the Schiit Vali 2 ( Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold edition tube)
Rca Cabel Audioquest Golden Gate.
Schiit Magni 3 i have to.

I think that should be just fine imo. You could get a better amp and dac but I don’t really think its that necessary imo with what you already have

Okay thank you.
A dream is a Fostek Hp A8 as Dac.But a little expensiv.
I like warm Sound.
And the Cambridge give that,as the Fostex Hp A3 but it is a little bit weak for my opinion.But Not bad.
I prefer two System too Amp and Dac.But it give just Schiit as Good amp who give enough power i find.
I dont find anything else.
And when the power was not so good.

Hmm if you preferred a warm sound, perhaps look at the ifi iDSD micro black label, but it’s an all in one unit.

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Hello again,

So i have purchased the Denon Ah D7200.
And i can say it make same alarm on the Soundstage.

It is a calm Headphone a little bit fewer in dynamic as the Fostex.
The Fostex say so here i am let‘s play.Denon say you want to play,let‘s play. In short word.

What can say first i know not everyone have 1000$ for free on his side.

But the Buildquality to compare with the Fostex is so better.
Is not so fragil as the Fostex when you put it on/ off.
You don‘t need any Earpads or same else.The Earpads from the Denon is adjust on you ear nothing push or sweat on it.
For Glassviewer is no problem no hurts.
And you don‘t need to Mod him, why the Sound is great.

He have a spectacle Soundstage. When you hearing Livemusic for example.(You American people like it spectacle,:grin:)

Rock,Hip hop good baserange.
Pop is depend a little bit.Is pop music.
Jazz and Klassik beautiful (Nora Jones for example a dream,or Alicia Kees)
Techno, the Headphone like this.(Armin van burren,Atb ohlala):wink:

The Bass is so good, basshead like them.On point, heavy and depp
Middle are clear and soft,warm.
Highs is depand,the highs are a little bit under.But with a Eq is no problem to adjust them.I find this good so you can choise yourself what do you want.
On the Fostex tr x00 Mahagony i find the hights to high a little bit.

In Soundstage i find it intimate, is great but not so great and not to small.
In comparison with the Fostex Tr x00 i find he play more brillant the Denon.You can hear the harp comes,on the Fostex too but not so beautiful and calm and weak.
One critique point it push a little bit on the Head.The Fostex too.
On the Fostex i have buy the Headband from Beyerdynamics Custom and install on it and at this time never i have problems.
I will tried this on the Denon next Time.

My courently Setup is
Cambridge Audio Dac Magic 100 modified
Schiit Loki and Schiit Vali 2

I habe try the Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold Edition.
The Bass i find is too much with them,the Rest are a Good Vocals,Highs.

Tube Electro Harmonix 6c7g Standart
I find it is the Best Tube for the Denon.Why?
The Denon are a little bit under the hights ,with this Tube is directly adjust.The Bass came smooth and clear, and the middle too.

On the Loki all are about 1 o’clock position.
And play on the Low gain switch.i find it better.In the High gain Soundstage comes near on the ear.

For more Information about the Denon my German friend her can say more in Details

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