Denon Ah D7200 testing vs Th Xx 00?

I am in possession to the Fostex th xx00 Mahagony.So Massdrop has say this is the last series from Fostex collaboration.I hope they continue with a new Model.

I am satisfaite with my Th xx 00 Mahagony,and would try a alternative.
What do you about think from the Denon AH D7200?
Good Headphone or not?Give it same Mods?
It is better as the Fostex M ,Ph or EB?

My actually Setup is a
Cambrige Audio Dac Magic 100 modify
Schitt Loki
Schitt Vali 2 with the Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold Edition Tube.
Audioquest Rca cable.

The D7200 is a pretty great headphone that I think is a step up in technicalities from the thx00. I think some may prefer the tuning of the x00 ebony, but the D7200 has a different tuning. I don’t think it needs mods, but you could mod it to the way you like it

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It give or need a special Amp or Dac for it to use the Last 10%?
Actually i use a modifieded Cambridge Audio dac Magic 100 in Combination with the Schiit Vali 2 ( Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold edition tube)
Rca Cabel Audioquest Golden Gate.
Schiit Magni 3 i have to.

I think that should be just fine imo. You could get a better amp and dac but I don’t really think its that necessary imo with what you already have

Okay thank you.
A dream is a Fostek Hp A8 as Dac.But a little expensiv.
I like warm Sound.
And the Cambridge give that,as the Fostex Hp A3 but it is a little bit weak for my opinion.But Not bad.
I prefer two System too Amp and Dac.But it give just Schiit as Good amp who give enough power i find.
I dont find anything else.
And when the power was not so good.

Hmm if you preferred a warm sound, perhaps look at the ifi iDSD micro black label, but it’s an all in one unit.

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