Denon AH-D7200 Unofficial Amateur Review

So recently re-bought Sennheiser 600, Neumann NDH20, and Denon AH-D7200. I have a little bear portable tube now that i didnt have the last time i had 600s so i wanted to try them out. I have to say i miss the bass from the 6xx so ill be keeping the 6xx’s instead. The Neumann, theyre good, really good for $500. idk much about reference but i thoroughly enjoyed their bass and mids and treble. I would even put them over the aeolus and heritage hp 3. the only thing i dont like is the bass kind of crosses into the mids and clashes a bit too much for me.

But the main point is the Denon AH-D7200. Ive had the 2000 and 5000’s before and loved both. the bass of the 2000 was amazingly clean with a good midrange. the 5000’s dialed back the bass a bit and made it more precise while offering cleaner midrange and better highs. I had those for awhile until I got my blackwood zmf auteur’s. The 7200 i bought to directly compare to the Neumanns and they did not disappoint.

Zeos gave a glowing review to the Neumann’s and I can see why. I think ive dialed in Z’s sound preferences finally and I think if he reviews the 7200’s will find them a little bright for him and maybe not the reference sound hes looking for. However, instead of making me feel like im in the studio with the artiest, these make me feel like im front row at their concert with the speakers playing the instruments around me and the vocals about the same plane and exactly in the middle. Not a huge soundstage but the imaging wraps around my head. I swear instead of just hearing the bass…I feel it which is difficult to do. Mids are very clean as well, not the cleanest (auteur, 600, maybe even 6xx is cleaner) but they still sound natural. Highs are well represented without being sibilant or sharp. Lorde green lights, around the 45 sec mark she starts having a lot of sharp “S’s” at then end of her words for a few seconds. they sound sharp, but dont hurt my ears at all and i can be very sensitive to that. Seriously considering these as my new daily drivers.

Just for comparrison why i mention being front row at a concert, just last night (before i had a chance to really listen to the 7200s) i went to a small local bar that has live bands where jimmys chicken shack and a band called aces in chains. the latter was an alice in chains cover band and they sounded so similar to alice in chains. I got up this morning and started playing some of the alice songs on spotifiy (high quality settings) and ill be damned if it didnt sound almost exactly like what i heard live. obviosly youre not getting all the reverb from the walls and things like that but i get that same feeling.

Setup is usb to Monoprice Monolith thx portable> little bear portable

The pricing is different from the Neumanns yes and they do different things, i would highly reccomend the 7200s. Makes me want to step it up to the 9200s and see what theyre about…


Interesting review, thanks for sharing.

I’ve been considering getting NDH20 after all the hype but AH-D5200 & 7200 have both been on my wish list for a lot longer. Given that the 7200 is a similar price to NDH20 here in the UK I am rather torn.

From what I’ve read, the 7200 bass is elevated but with good resolution and without bleed into the mids and rolled off in the high highs. Would that match your observations? I don’t like too much brightness but highs need to be present. LCD2C was too dark for my taste.

I would say those reviews are accurate. Bass is emphasized, mainly sub bass actually. The mid bass doesnt interfere with vocals although one reviewer said he found they did but i guess ymmv. highs are rolled off, like female singers arent going to shine but theyre still there and still really detailed and nice. The reviewer i mentioned recommended upping 2-3 db in the 2-3k and 7-8k region. when i tried it i thought they sounded too bright and offbalance at that point. im also sensitive to spikes in both of those areas so i dont eq them.

They have great detail in the full spectrum and the sound is unique. ive not heard another headphone that quite sounds like it. Im waffling between my zmf auteur and 7200 at this point as these are just more fun

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As an update. I did end up returning all 3 to make sure I was still in the return window. As a very brief summary:

HD600- even with tubes, im still feeling the lack of bass so ill keep the 6xx as my light, open, airy, general headphones

Neumann NDH20- i did some exttended listening sessions (like couple of hours long) and started to appreciate them more like I did with the Aeolus, but when I put on my auteurs, 6xx, or denon 7200’s I quickly reacclimated to them and kept feeling i was missing something in the neumanns. just didnt get that wow factor. Best i can describe for me, felt like i was cupping my hands around my ears. there was just something happening in the mids i didnt like although I can tell they are detailed. maybe im missing the open airy-ness?

Denon ahd 7200- this was the tough one. it was clear i was going to either keep these and sell my auteurs or visa versa. when it came down to it, for now im going to have to return them as well. im needing funds soon for my house and im not as confident ill be able to get what i want for the auteurs soon enough. these def gave me a wow factor within minutes of trying them. its such a unique sound i havent heard from anything. very fun and i was not missing anything in the mids, although female vocals could shine a bit more but eq just made them on the boarder of fatiguing.

Once I know how my money situation will pan out, I will def re-buy the 7200’s and likely sell my auteurs (maybe sell the auteurs first then buy 7200’s). Auteur gives me a nice laid back linear sound where nothing is wrong, everything is well represented (tube or eq the bass up a bit to add some more fun). I’m really missing the intimate, detailed, fun sound of the 7200 that just do all kinds of music well.

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Well I’m glad you finished that update off with a positive impression of the 7200. After debating whether to get the 5200, 7200 or NDH20, I spotted a pair of B-stock 7200s from Denon UK. And at 25% off list price I have to try them. I’ve been looking for a new closed headphone. Currently I’m using DT770 Pro 80ohm, which I enjoy but sometimes find a little intense/fatiguing. So I’m looking forward to seeing what Denon can do. The sound signature sounds like the right sort of thing for me. Once I’ve had a chance to become acquainted with them I will post my thoughts.

I have ndh20 and d7200.
ndh20 > d7200

Nice review. I have almost bought the AH-D7200’s twice: once new and once used. With everything I have read it sounds like they might be a nice upgrade from the Meze 99 Classic’s.

Still thinkin’ about it.

They are pretty fun imo, I think it would be worth it but you might be trading some portability as I think the Denons are not as portable

I wondered about that also. They spent a year or more in the back of mind as a closed back successor to the 99’s. In the last few months that image has changed to the CFA Cascades.

My dream set-up (half of this is going off of others feedback):
Grado GH2’s
Beyer T5p.2’s
Focal Elex’s (I think)
CFA Cascades (I think)

I think that may well be end-game for me.

Yes, having heard both 99 & 7200, I would say 7200s are a definite upgrade. They have a similar sound signature but I find the 7200 detail and speed to be superior. Overall a more controlled and balanced bass with more vocal presence. I rate them very highly. Would love to hear how they compare to some of the Fostex tr-x00 models.

I would say the fostex th-x00 ebony is the closest competitor to the 7200. The ebony actually has a more even response, and personally I prefer the bass on the ebony. The Denon has a slight v shaped response but the mids are still very good. The Denon I feel has the better extended treble and is more refined in that area. I think it comes down to preference imo. Personally I prefer the ebony but the 7200 is very good as well

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They seem more like over-ears whereas my 99’s are more on ears. I Never see 7200’s on sale cheap. They really do seem to hold their value.

My advice is to watch ebay. sometimes you can get them for 500-600 which i think is the correct price range. Denon made a huge mistake pricing this lineup the way they did. I have since had a listen to the 9200’s and really dont see them compete at $1600. imo 9200=1200, 7200=600, 5200=300 (havent heard the 5200 but judging from reviews and the previous lineup 300-400 would prob be a better price). These price points would allow them to complete much more competitively with other name brands. Also if youre not using eq you may be missing out on a lot from what ive learned. 7200 dont NEED eq like 1990 does for example but just a couple adjustments brings out the midrange and treble creating the very fun live like sound i love about these

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The Denon D7200 is one of my favourite headphones, for some reason Denon headphones receive very little attention here in England.

They were expensive but at least they have the decency to feel expensive, being made from premium materials to an extremely high standard. Wood, metal and a mix of leather and good pleather, the tactile feel shames many much more expensive headphones. My only complaint is the cable, I am sure the quality is great but it is crazily stiff and quite microphonic, and why make an easy to drive efficient closed back headphone and then only provide a 1/4" Jack?

The sound is superb. In general it is very balanced but with some extended bass. The effect is a sound signature closer to neutrality than many but with a sense of fun and musicality. I think the Denon tuning walked a tight rope between warm fun bassy and dry analytical to get something that really works very well. They are very enjoyable whilst avoiding really colouring the sound.

I got mine as B stock open box for £330, at that price they were an absolute steal.

Awesome. You got a phoenominal bargain then. I think they don’t get much recognition bc of their pricing. 800 usd is a bit much for something with not much brand recognition in the headphone area. But if you can get them 200 to 300 less then they are an absolute buy. Even though I have better I will likely keep mine bc it gives me a sound signature I don’t get from any other set. I don’t even use my senn 6xx or dt1990 anymore. My main is now the focal elex (with eq) but now and then I’ll pull out my 7200 (some eq used) to really have some fun


Seems like a pretty solid combo :+1:

Very interesting. I’ve been considering the Cascade and the AH-D7200 recently. What’s your EQ for the Elex? I’ve been using it stock but ween wondering about possible EQ settings. Also which software do you use if you don’t mind.

This was not made by me. But if you Google elex eq there’s a reddit post that comes up and the user who posted this was oratory1990