Denon AH-D9200 vs. Fostex TH900mk2

So im thinking about the next headphone to go for. I really love my Fostex Ebony. But it just sounds outclassed by my Auteur and Arya. I love that bassy sound. So i’m thinking Denon AH-D9200 or Fostex TH900mk2. What do you guys think? Which one sounds best? What differences are there to them? Which one would you own? Is there another contender i dont know about?

I mean, if you have the zmf autur that would be closer to the ad9200, and the th900mk2 would be brighter and more impressive regarding spatial recreation imo

It depend the Fostex are modded to Lawton mods or not.
The Fostex is older as the Denon for sure not so modern today.

It really depend ,i habe the Ah d7200 and find it better as the Mahagony.

I would add Sony Z1R to the list.

The d7200 is apparently very close to the d9200 but less than half price. Maybe worth to consider?
And has lowered the price from 599 Euro to 495 Euro. (dunno where you live :wink: )

Not that close imo, it’s more equivalent to a x00 ebony or emu teak, the 9200 is a step above and competes with the higher end fostex as well

Take a look what the Guy say about the Ah d7200 and D9200.
I got the D7200 and it got right about,with the Schiit Loki you can push the D7200 for your desire.:+1:AND for a nice price.

So i have do it,and is a dream.And find it better as the Fostex Tx 00.
For sure the Amp is maybe a little bit respondable for the rest.

Actually i would don‘t miss the D7200.But i don‘t have hear the D9200 for a référence who i can really say is it right or not.But i trust the guy.

And Headphones must don‘t be it expensiv for good result.
See the Sendy Avia for example is good Phone Zeo’s say and heard the price it think not possible.

Amp or Dac/amp can coast a lot of Money or 500$ and is really shit.

I think the technicalities of the 7200 and x00 are somewhat on par with each other, but the tuning on the 7200 is more refined, yielding a more refined sound

I won’t get into it too much, but at current price I don’t know if would agree tbh, I think there are some headphones at a lower price that directly compete with the sendy

Very true, see thx amps lol



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Year i am with you.
Only one thing about to say,the Fostex is actually older as the Denon today in technical things.
When really would a competion we must try the Older Denon version for a good resonable result.
And don‘t forget the Lawton mods who can change a lot.

When we really want compare the Denon,the Fostex is out i find.
And compare it with other Headphones.
I am sure Fostex create a new Phone at this time.

(The Thx oh year i try the Sp 200 for a few monthago.And it going return to Amazon i don‘t like it.It was not my world.Personally find the Magni or Vali 2 so much better in Sound.It was warmer,better Soundstage,more love.I have find the Sp 200 was to static,cold.I don‘t know who is the same with 789 thx from Drop?And the Volume knob from the Sp200 is so bad,no control.I think the Sp200 is a really made in china, and not Usa :grin:.It was maybe just a bad Copie try from the 789 :joy:)

Let me know if you decide to part ways with the ebony. I can help you out with that. :wink: