Denon avr-x3700H vs avr-x4700h

I’m planning on buying a new receiver soon, for most of the time I was planning on the x3700h $1199, but then I started looking at the x4700h $1699 and the only differences I could see is that the x4700h has a extra HDMI port on the front, Auro 3D, and 125w per channel in 2ch stereo mode vs 105w. my question is, is the extra 20w in stereo mode worth it? I don’t care about Auro 3D since its more or less a dead format at this point and i’ll never use the extra HDMI port.



3700 take that money you saved and buy amps.

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The 3700 got just about everything one would need for a 7.4.1 atmos without going pre/pro. Measured well by ASR .

Are you talking about this?


Set it up watch some movies and music. Go from there would be the move.

Are you saying buy the x4700h and return it and get the x3700h if I don’t like it?

No go for the 3700h, 20 watts is not worth an additional $500. You going the full 7.1.4 ? Id use the $500 you saved with the 3700h and get an external amp for the center ch.

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It’s more about do I want Auro 3D or not, than the 20 extra watts.

I own the AVRX3700H

I mean, its pretty great for a receiver. I have 0 issues. Has enough juice to power modest speakers just fine…more importantly, its got the pre-out to connect a power amp to it. That kind of functionality is pretty much gold for a receiver and you won’t spend much less to get it. You can get the 3700, have everything need for visual and the. money leftover can go to some speakers or an amp or something. The 3700 is plenty and probably the best receiver at that $1200 price point and lower. Nothing else really comes close.


Dont know of any AURO content out there. None of the forums talk about AURO, no upcoming titles or shows. The majority of the content with height channel is ATMOS.
Handful of DTSX, the guy from sound united mentioned 100 titles are going to be released with IMAX enhanced, that was a year ago. no rumor/update on a title with the IMAX surround format.

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A lot of people say the Auro 3d up mixer is really good.

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That i do see get talked about on the forums. Im running on-wall atmos, still on the fence going on-ceiling atmos. When i get around to mounting on-ceiling ill throw up a VOG speaker see if its something worthwhile.

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Yes. You can mix in other formats and it sound great and it’s easier to setup. On top of floor surround and the surround experience is better, everything happens next to you and not near the speakers.

Do you get overhead panning with auro ?

I’m planning on doing on wall channels, I don’t think it matters much if its on the ceiling or not as long as the tweeters are pointed at the listening area.

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Yes, it works great.
I played battle field with Auro and a tank fired to me. Shot went over me and from the right side, in my room it felt like shot did came from between the seating and roof like half way in height and 1,5m to the right of the TV. Directly pass the hole room, flying back to the horizon and hitting ground there.
It really blow my mind how nice the surround works and with how nice it sounded.

It’s up and down, left to right and front to back. Pretty sweet.


My current atmos channels are height on-wall middle and rear using micca OoOs. The only example that impressed me of what atmos can do is the airplane flyover the black soldier in the military base parking lot on appleTV “for all mankind” . The clinking of the flag and pan from left to right of the plane at -5 to -10 main volume with the level turned up to 8.5 on the heights.

Have one last workaround before giving into on-ceiling height channels. Adding external amps and turning up the level.

Thank you very much for the link! I’ve been reading ASR for a while on headphones and DACs / headphone amps, but I never knew they measure AVRs, too.

I’ve never read that forum before, I didn’t know they measured headphones :joy:

Sorry if this is a silly question…what will the below achieve? Thanks

“Id use the $500 you saved with the 3700h and get an external amp for the center ch.”