Describe your headphones in ONE word

What is a headphone’s defining characteristic? Looks? Comfort? Bass? Detail? Here’s kind a of a free association game. Avoid hyphenated or unnatural portmanteau words - just use a single word. They don’t have to be adjectives. Make the words as cryptic or funny or literal as you want. Ideally the headphones are in your collection right now. They could be headphones you used to own. They should at least be headphones you have heard. Go ahead and fight me if you disagree with my word list:

HE 150PRO (buds) - lazy
Starfields - neutral
OH-10 Obsidian - thump
KPH30i - light
DT 177X GO (Brainwavz XL pads) - cocoon
AH-D7200 - picky
99 Neo - mud
Elegia - rich
Nighthawk Carbon - shadow
DT 880 32Ω - comfort
DT 880 600Ω - trust
Aiva - clean
LCD-2C - heavy
Elex - rapture


Overpriced. This applies to 99% of the headphones out there.


Mostly… Koss

Sometimes… Meze

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DT 1770 - Bosendorfer
R70x - Moog


ATH-AD500x - Light

ATH-M40x - Familiar

K-712 - Space

T50RP (mk III) - Peaky

PortaPro - Portable

RP-HD10 - Decent

LZR-980 - Shiny


Hd600 vintage
Dt-880 chirurgical
Dt-990 boomy
Dt-770 suuuub
Ath-m50x-bt unbreakble
Hd25 punchy
Kns-8400 destroyed
Sundara soft
K240 studio


Tin T2 - Clear
FiiO FH3 - Rumbling
He400i - Chill
DT-880 - Excited
MH752 - Pewpew
Starfield - Dull
PortaPro - Fun
Ksc75 - Airy
Kph30i - Boring

Bonus (these are on the way)
Thieaudio L4 - curious
Blon bl-03 - skeptical


Sennheiser HD 660s - INVITING

Kbear stellar: sweet
Kz zsn: claustrophobic

Interesting. :ok_hand:

Monoprice M650s: Hazy
Nad HP50s (plus angled pads): Cocoon
Fostex T50RPs (modded): Slam :grin:

(And I’m treble-sensitive, so…)
Sennheiser HD58Xs: Airy
Grado SR60s: Tinnitus

An old one:
Sennheiser HD280 Pros (old version): Mono

IEMs included?
KZ ZS10 Pros: Peaky
KZ AS06s: Precise
Sony MH750s: Smooth
Panasonic HJE-120s: Thin

Meze 99 Classics: Luscious
Moondrop Starfield: Smooth

ZMF Verite - Voluptuous

M40x - Sentiment
MH751 - Unlikely
SHP9500 - Wide
DT880 Pro 250 Ohm - Detailed
KSC75 - Mindf**k
KPH30i - WTF?!

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As of Mar 8, my Verites are being sanded and finished. Can’t wait to experience voluptuous.

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990 250- eccentric
58x- friendly
4xx- picky
770 80 ohm - meh
porta pro- Drip
kph30i- cooking
ksc75- anime
akg k240- reliable
k52- dusty

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Lawton modded X00 - Bass
Grado Hemp LTD - Lush
Tin P1 - Unique
Grado SR80e - Clear
HD58X - Neutral
Tin T2 - Smooth
Porta Pro - Portable
DT770 250ohm - V-shaped
Tin T4 - Boring
Shuoer Tape - SHOUTY!!!
Kph30i - Bad (kph30i suck. FIGHT ME!!!)

The sad truth is having headphones is like having kids: You don’t love them all the same.

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Except they don’t stop working after you tell them that.

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DT770 - Nostalgia
DT880 - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
DT990 - Ouchies!

Nighthawks - Ebony
Cascade - THICK
A2C - Dreams

GL2K - FAT (maybe, Elaborate)
Phantoms - Special?
NDH20 - Sennheiser (closest I’ve gotten to owning something sennheiser related. Want HD600 to feed crack addiction)

KSC75 - Kramer
DT1350 - Neutral

M50 - Beginnings
M40x - Okedoke!
Tygr 300r - Future

Xb500 - BASS!!!
SR80i - wires!!!
Pandas - Utility. (Now in Japan. Really jealous of these headphones.)

T50RP - dynamat

I just got Sennheiser HD 560s last night. Their one word: Crystal

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