Desk/Bookshelf Speakers + Amp ~£400/500 Budget


I’m quite new to audio equipment so please bear with me!

So, I’m currently building a PC and would like a nice audio setup to accompany it.

I will be using these speakers for gaming, movies, music (I listen to all sorts, from rap to piano) and general use.

Currently I run a pair of M40X headphones with an Oppa HA-2 SE - I will still be using these headphones too so have been taking that into consideration when thinking about which amp to buy for the speakers.

With that all said, I’ve identified the following potential choices:

  1. Triangle Borea BR02
  2. Fluance Signatures

This is the sort of price range I’m looking at, ~£300.


  1. Topping MX3

Again, around this price range for the amp, ~£100, however if spending a bit more justifies it then can do so.

A question I have around the amp; am I better off getting an amp/dac combo like this for use with the speakers + headphones, or getting a separate amp for the speakers and continue to use my Oppo HA-2 SE purely for headphones?