Desk Speaker +Sub Small Amp Question

Thank you @Flaculence. Have you had any luck yet finding a awesome solution for me.

Also is there a better pair of Bookshelf speakers for same price as JAMo S803. I want to sit down and enjoy music blasting at me, i am by no means a audiophile. I like loud, clear and bass.

Browsing amazon SA heck yes looks its not a problem to get budget gear.

The yamaha sub SMSL SA300 your DAC and phone to RCA adapter connections.

bookshelf -Neumi BS5, neumi CS5x2, sony SSCS5, ELAC 2.0 B6.2, klipsch RP150 ive seen the RP160 at the same price not a good deal right now.

Tinkering with 2 neumi CS5 centers as a stereo pair, the 3rd bass hit on daft punks “doing it right” theyre making the boom confimed by completely shutting off my subs, nuemi BS5 bookshelves couldnt do it mightve ruined that pair. But if you get the yamaha sub with the hi-pass it should save woofers.

i would be leary of the dayton audio apa amp if you live outside the USA. it has notorious dieing issues. customer service is top notch, but shipping it back if you get a dud is most likely not worth it from outside the USA.

It’s a fine amp for the 95+% that get good ones. for the remaining, they die in a couple years or less. they also need lots of ventilation. they pack a lot of class a/b juice in a small package. and the class a portion is like 10-15 watts of it always running when its on.

edit: and the apa150 has a lowpass, not a highpass. it has a lowpass if you want to use it as a subwoofer amp.

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something like this is one of the cheaper options for highpass filter built in.

edit: amazon has lots of chifi versions for around 80$ on amazon usa. they also pack more of a punch then the lepai. 50/50/100 and 100/100/200 versions

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Is this not for a passive sub? I have seen this before.

@Flaculence i have found the answer, if sub has High level (Speaker level) connections it looks like all my worries are over, not matter what the sub/amp combo is then. ELAC 2.0 B6.2 have seen a lot of these and also looking like a great Speaker. Same with the Sony Ones, also saw JBL A130 pr that looks like a banger. Is the Klipsch good the RP 150?

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correct. it is for a passive sub. but you dont have to use the sub part of the amp. you can use 3.5mm splitter and give signal to the amp and subwoofer.

also correct about high level inputs. it will cross it at the lowpass point. creating a highpass as well.

Be certain the subs high level imputs filter out low frequency signal before you order.
Shipping and duty is pricey international.

Yes, RP line is the one to get from klipsch. stay away from the reference stuff i bought a set of R15s.

r51m’s(the new model) sound a chunk better then the 15m’s. the new tuning is a much better listen. dont get me wrong, still not rp line. but just saying =)

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Hope so, the previous line good near the wall pulled them out into the room not so much. :grimacing:

I am lost now, so many options on speakers lol. From what i could pickup @Flaculence if the Sub has the input to do it it (will/hope/might) work. There is alot of subs without that option so there is that factor as well.

Damm i was so set on Jamo S803 even went to check Z review again now on them. @ZeosPantera any advice here (Not sure he would comment). Need a way to listen to these speakers. Damm South-Africa

Read the manual of the sub you got in mind. Far as i know the only subs that hi-pass under $500 is the emotiva S8 BIC F12 DEFTEC pro800.

Checkout cheapaudioman youtube he does under $500 speaker shootouts.

Hi, i checked the Polk PSW 10, and it looks like it can do the same, that might be a decent option as it is cheap Sub here in SA. I have looked at CheapAudioman videos, got more confused :rofl:

let us know if it works out so i can get one too!
Theres a sony 10in with hi level input/output on amazon $198.

What sony did you see bud?

Sony SACS9 10in subwoofer $198.00
On amazon.

That is such a nice woofer. I need MyUS to ship to SA, so much options then to use. I see lot of woofers on Amazon is 120v (and no range to it).

Thank you so much for the help, now it about time to start with the first piece which is that SMSL SA300