Desk Speaker +Sub Small Amp Question

Hi All

I am new on site and need some help.

I am from South-Africa so options are much more limited.

Want to get myself the Jamo S803 Bookshelf speakers with a small DAC/AMP on table and was looking at this S.M.S.L SA300.

The problem i am seeing is i can not control low pass filter to sub when i do add one later on. Do you guys know of a DAC/AMP in this price range that can do this? I know there is a Sub Zeos reviewed that can but not possible to get it where i Live.

Even if you have just small AMP idea i am getting iFi Zen Dac so can use that to Amp as well, just need something to control the Sub (Powered) Hz that is passes to sub and not play on the Jamo S803.

Hope this makes sense.

Its on the back of the sub or do you mean hi pass filter?

@Flaculence hi pass filter apologies.

So in essence taking away certain Hz from The speakers and only passing that to sub. emotiva s8 had it on sub from review for Zeos, but i cannot find a sub in South-Africa that can do that.

Hope makes sense what i am looking for.

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There is a yamaha sub another member linked that might work. Looking at the back, going to have to buy some adapters. Which there is on amazon. Emotiva does ship international. If i recall a BIC 12in $200 sub Z reviewed can do hipass but its only sold on amazon through 3rd party that will ship international. Definitive technology 1000 can hipass but the feedback on various forums is mixed for def-tech subs.

So on that would need like XLR to RCA converter or Cables?

I do like the BIC 12", looks like you just hit straight into the Sub in to control if i am looking correctly?

Might need to check Z review on it.

Emotiva is last option if i cannot win. Hate living in South-Africa when it comes to all this tech :rofl:

So that BIC, with SMSL SA300, and Jamo S803 speakers look like it can make a nice combo?

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Yes. The bic might be the most affordable option. The emotiva is the safer route. Tough for the international guys to get affordable hifi. Welcome aboard by the way.

You know going with a budget atmos receiver is an alternative. Only drawback is size and limited to 48/24 resolution using the crossovers.

I just got a SA300 great little amp. Smsl jamo bic, add a $100 dac would be awesome.

Hi, yeah the receiver has been my issue, as i want clean setup on desk with small footprint, not sure if there is a nice small one. Only problem I see now on that Sub is 120v input. We in SA have 230v

There sold be a switch most subs have them.

Yeah that looks like the setup to do, now i need 230v to 120v converter as well, bloody hell living in South-Africa has it draw backs.

Also thank you for all the help so far man.

Have iFi Zen Dac on it way already so can always use that one.


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Look for the BIC F12 its shipping 3rd party for $125.00 dont do that, ive seen it $209 + $40.00 shipped.

Yeah see it about 270 dollar + 150 dollar for shipping.

Does it make it to expensive.

Why is there not more subs that do this? Or a amp that can do it

Good question. To get DSP you got to move up in price. There is mindspHD $200 im not sure on the sound quality of the signal using an external DAC going through the RCA imput of the minidspHD. Zeos is doing multi-dac systems with the nanodigi. I dont see the nanodigi on amazon.

Damm, really need a solution here that looks nice and clean on desk. What is smallest receiver that would be able to assist here? Wonder what the Emotiva would be to ship to SA? Our import tax hits hard.

Hi, do you think this woofer might do the trick?

Just not sure how wires would go?

Yamaha SW-200 Subwoofer

@Flaculence also seeing this

jamo sub 210 active subwoofer

Still a noob with this stuff so not 100% sure if on right path

Look into the manual to make sure its got High Pass filter. Two amps have high pass filtering on amazon, Parasound and crown XLS. The parasound comes in at around $450 but the filter highest setting is 40hz not sure if the slope gives some leeway. The crown can filter higher than 100hz. Both amps take up real estate though.

Personally im 50/50 music movies. So a system that can play daft punk “doing it right” is a must.

Hahaha, man i just want to pump music and have a blast lol.

Dayton Audio APA150 saw that now looking at reviews to see if it might do the trick.

Who new sound is such hard work :rofl:

Think thats got high pass. the rectangle amp right, like an emotiva monoblock? Looked into that one its class AB. Mixed reviews on ASR forum but they come down on everything take alook at the thread there. Did read the standby feature is hit or miss on another forum the dayton 150.

The yamaha sub you referenced is pretty damn nice with the connections and crossover control. be great if the algorithm sends this sub and monitors for zeos to review. :wink:

With those XLR connections this sub can be placed anywhere in the room for the optimal bass reproduction. Good find. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: