Desk speakers: Adam T5V vs Edifier S1000DB vs Edifier S350DB

I’m in the market for some desktop speakers. Mainly Videos/Music/Gaming.

Looking around the local used market I can get a pair for the following prices:

Adam T5V - $230
Edifier S1000DB - $225
Edifier S350 - $300

also saw a pair of Swan M200 Mk3 for $260


Man, I’m happy with my T5Vs for $400. I’d have paid $230 in a heartbeat…

P.S.: Welcome to the forums!

Thank you! Appreciate the quick response. Do you have any experience with any Swans? I think I’m on the fence between the two

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Unfortunately I don’t, sorry.

Same, can’t recommend T5Vs enough, especially if they are 230 a pair.

I had a pair of edifier s2000 on my desk, really didn’t work, too big and massively boomy bass, now I got them on a room-tv set up and they work much better there…

I’d always go for something smaller + maybe a sub for a desk.