Desktop balanced dac/amp under $250

I’m looking for a recommendation for a desktop dac/amp solution under $200 but would be willing to look at a stack systems.

Being balanced is important as any new headphones I get will be balanced.

I have been looking at a IFI Zen dac v2 or a Fiio K7 but are open to suggestion

My equipment that the dac/amp will need to power

  • Fostex T50RP
  • Hifiman HE 4XX
  • Sennheiser HD 6XX (Balanced)


  • Simgot EW200

Powered Monitors

  • JLB 104BT

Of those two, I’d probably go with the k7. The t50rp scales well with more power, so you could always use the k7 as a DAC preamp out to something like the a30 pro.

Love my Zen dac, it will run my t60rp argons to deafening levels. But it doesnt drive them well. Soundstage, dynamics, and bass suffer. The Senn’s fair a little bit better, but still like a little more on tap then the zen dac has.

K7 pro has a healthy chunk more power on tap. It would work much better with your headphones. It has a very neutral sound signature. Too neutral for my tastes.

Is a Music Fidelity V90 balanced? I have one for sale.

No, it is a single ended design.